Utah: part 2

I’m in Utah!!!

The first day we got up early and went skiing!! I was skiing all day untill we had to come in to eat dinner.

My dad and I like skiing together every year so the next day, my dad showed me some really good slopes! They had 2 new ski lifts so we had to go try them out and see if it was worth it!! They turned out to be great! The slopes were easy so we could ski super fast down the mountain and race!

My friend Sarah came with me and my brother and cousin the next day to go up to the main lodge to play basketball! I was on a team with my brother, cousin, and another girl. We crushed it!! My brother, Kevin was the one who threw the ball in the hoop. I was the one who got it out of the players hands. And lastly, my cousin was the one who dribbled to the back of the court.

On our third day I didn’t ski in the morning because my family went to drop of my oldest brother to the airport because he couldn’t miss a lot of school. So that meant I was in the condo…alone!! I watching tv all day untill I went with Sarah to ski at night. We went on the lift, and as we got closer and closer… we got really exited!! We went up and down about 8 times with of course a hot chocolate break!! We were on our 9th run and we were at the top when the lights turned off!! We couldn’t see a thing!!! We got down, but as we got closer to the bottom, the lights turn off down their too!! We screamed!!! But we survived!!

On our last full day… my dad and I went to the new lifts in the afternoon. We went up to the highest lift — that took us 3 lifts to get up to— and started to go down. We were at the first lift when one of the workers told us that they were shutting down the lifts because a giant wind/snow storm was coming. He told us that we were the last people on the mountain!! We went up the lift and I stared to get scared. A giant gust of wind blew and made our skis lift. We went down another slope and I skied the fastest I could because all I wanted to do was get down. We went on the 2nd lift and they told us to come inside the operator room because the wind was up to 70 mph!! A snow cat came and picked us up. (its a giant snow mobile that can carry a lot of people) We were saved!! After that my mom came and picked us up.

Today!! Right now I’m sitting in a airport chair typing this!! Our flight isn’t untill 8:00 but we had to come at 3:00 because my cousins flight is at 5:00. That means I’m not going to get home till 1:00 in the morning and tomorrow morning I’m going to school!! I still have homework to do for math but not a ton so I’m doing all that on the plane!!

It’s only 6:30 here but 7:30 in Austin!! I’m going to go watch a movie before I have to start my homework!! I’m counting the months untill next year when I get to ski again!!



In 7 short days, I’ll be getting on a plane going to Salt Lake City!!

I go to Salt Lake City Utah every year with my family! I’ve been to almost every where in Europe: but my favorite place in the whole world is Utah.

I love the winter…and in Utah there’s always a fresh layer of white powdery snow!! Normally, when we get there we drive into the city and stop and this place called The Pie! They don’t actually serve pie there: they serve pizza!! They make there pizzas really big!! My cousin Daniel, my grandma and grandma, and some of my mom and dads friends families come with us every year, so we normally get one pizza to feed all of us — so that means its a pretty big pizza!– we always love going there when we come.

After the pie, when we are all really stuffed full of pizza… we get back in the rental car and drive farther into the city. My dad and my grandpa love stopping at a store and grabbing “adult sodas” before going to the condo. We also stop at the grocery store and get food for the week because we will be going in the mountains and it takes a while to get back down.

Later after the shopping… we are all finally ready to start driving it where we stay. It takes about an hour to get up the mountain, so we make sure we bring something to entertain us!! My dad always turns on the radio, but as we get farther up it starts getting staticky. We can always feel when the air starts getting thin when our ears start popping and feeling weird.

At last, we reach the condo. We check in in a different building that has a pool, hot tub, basketball, games, and food. After we have our keys we get back into the car one last time, and drive a little farther up the rode. Soon, we get to the condo. It looks like a big log cabin, we walk in, and we see 4 doors. Two upstairs and two downstairs. My grandparents, my cousin, and brother get one downstairs, my parents, my oldest brother, me and my friend Sarah get one upstairs and. Then my parents friends get another one upstairs.

Thats it!! We do that every year!! We do most of our time snow skiing and hanging out in the other building with games. I can’t wait untill those 7 days pass!!

'Winter Wildcamp' - Nantlle Ridge, Snowdonia Kris Williams via Compfight