May 18

An Open Letter to Severus Snape

Dear Severus Snape,

When I was a child watching Harry Potter, I was young, never quite understanding the concept of your background. Fast forwarding to third grade when I read the series- I was in love. Not until the seventh book did I finally understand you: the complex death eater turned potions teacher. After learning about you, my sympathetic heart felt immense pity. A reason why is because you lost your one love: the kind, beautiful Lily. After getting sorted away from you, your connection with her snapped instantaneously- only to have Lily fall in love with James Potter. Not only did you lose her once, but you lost her twice: the second time being the cursed night of July 31st.

Another point as to why I feel such empathy towards you, is the fact that you lost so many people: one of those people being yourself. After your immoral choice of turning to the dark side, you lost the spark of goodness you had in you- the spark that Lily saw, when others didn’t. The spark burned and left a hole in your heart: a hole that you left gaping open when you lost everyone else. Dumbledore, (probably) your family, and so many more.

Lastly, you kept many, many secrets. After the death of your beloved, you made a life-long vow to keep Harry alive- no matter the circumstance. But Harry couldn’t know. Harry thought all you did was torture, hate, and despise him,(including his father) but he still couldn’t know. People questioned Dumbledore as to why he trusted you so much, not knowing that he held your secret: your promise. You’ve remained calm under fire, and cloaked your feeling all your life- leaving them invisible to others.

Severus, you know my pity for you is strong, and you know that I’ll always think of you as the boy who loved Lily.

April 19

Summer & Other Anecdotes.

Currently, while writing this post, it is April 19th(or 18th?), and the end of school is nearing. Usually around this time of year, I get real hyped up over summer and the wonderful benefits of it, but when it’s actually summer I just slug around my house and occasionally(every other week or so) step outside.

This year though, I’ve decided to be on the more productive side of things- and it’s my goal to finally volunteer at the one place I’ve only dreamed of.

Austin Pets Alive!

Ironically, I don’t have a dog, but have always wanted one ever since I was six- I still remember throwing a fit every time my mom would say no, and eventually created a slideshow on why I just needed that Labrador!

Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for the golden age of 13, just so I could get my parents to drive me there and I’d get to hang with some dogs(I’m also open to the idea of cats).

If you wanna join me, here’s the website for some more information!



April 5


   Lately, I’ve been indulging myself in the art of Picasso and his infamous periods in life- being mainly his blue and rose period(I’m appalled by how much I hate his African Period). I decided to rush my dad to Michael’s to get me some new acrylics so I could start a painting. While contemplating, I settled on fusing two of his painting together: “Garçon á la Pipe” and the hues from his previous blue period.

  Here’s a little background- Picasso was currently depressed(for his friend committed suicide) and in Italy when his paintings started taking on monochromatic shades, hence those two years being called his “Blue Period”.  But the other painting was created in his “Rose Period” because of the reds, yellows, and warmer colors.

Picasso truly is a wonderful artist- even though I often complain about his nonsensical African artwork, and the uncanny difference between his pieces and my kindergarten art projects. The mood he creates is marvelous considering it’s just paper, oil, and acrylic. Overall, I’m proud of my artwork and the knowledge I’ve accumulated.


February 15

Why I Binge Watch TV

Television is the epitome of my summer. I know summer was a handful of months ago, but I can still visualize how I spent my unproductive days: I’d be on the couch, blankets sprawled across me, as I begin my fifth-ish hour of Netflix watching. If I didn’t have time for my daily intake of the latest shows, I MADE TIME. Procrastination, laziness, and distractions filled my 15 hours of being awake- most in front of the tv eating ice cream(or whatever junk I put in me).

Of course there’s my dad coming in with the occasional, “You should off the TV, Esha” but pssshhhh it’s not like that’s ever gonna happen. 

But, WHY do I enjoy this rather unhealthy addiction? Because it’s inhumane to miss the last episode of the season for this new baking show! Nor can I just NOT WATCH what happens when Barry Allen realizes that his father-like figure’s from the future! Most importantly, the pain of being two episodes away from the season finale but you realized “Maybe this should stop…”

None the less, I am looking forward to summer.

Wanna join me? Here’s the link to Netflix

February 1

Are You A Perfectionist?

Are you a perfectionist? That’s a question I ponder on a lot, because there are many side effects of perfect. I, myself, don’t believe in the idea of someone/thing being perfect, so I am not a perfectionist. I feel that the word “perfect” should be replaced with “happy”, and as long as I’m happy everythings good!

People think there’s only two sectors: clean or messy. I’d say I’m a “tidy” messy. Everything’s out of place, but I know exactly where to find something, but I don’t have the mental energy to clean things(unless it comes to a point where I can’t properly function). For example, my closet looks like a bomb went off- the bomb affected my room as well- but my brain is hardwired to untidiness, so finding a shirt is a simple task.

Do you try really hard to make something perfect? That’s also another factor of perfectionism(if that’s a word…). I have friends that put 100% of all they got into a school project(big or small) and I completely appreciate that, despite the fact that I’m not one of those people. I do put hard work into it, but I can’t work on something that much or else my bran will just IMPLODE!

.   So, what are you?

January 22

The Phantom Of The Opera: My Thoughts

First of all, my friend Vanessa made a blog post similar to this, so check it out!!!.

Where do I start….Phantom Of The Opera is a musical that is featured in this amazing thing called Broadway. In 2004 it was made into a movie starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson. I have never watched the actual musical on Broadway(although I really want to) but I have watched the movie and I loved it.

I love musicals, so the music is just incredible. The character development is very noticeable and although the plot is a little predictable, it still gives you a sense of suspense. The visuals are appealing despite it being almost 14 years old and even though the characters weren’t singers or Broadway performers, their voices were still good. I especially loves the intense music that plays whenever the Phantom has a savage moment or enters the stage!

I hope you love and enjoy the movie and music as much as I do!





December 15


Have you ever thought if you’ve had any phobias? I have. I know for sure that I have galeophobia, which is a a phobia of sharks. I know it’s a but stupid because 1. I’ll probably never encounter a shark in my life and 2. They won’t attack me. But I’ve been thoroughly traumatized. I also have acrophobia, and once again it’s kinda stupid because it’s not like demon spiders are gonna come after me and bite me and I’ll turn into spidergirl and then quit my job as a superhero because it’s too much responsibility. I also have scoleciphobia which is a phobia of caterpillars. So when I read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in kindergarten, I slowly died on the inside. I try to get within at least a 10 yard radius from the closest caterpillar, or else it’s not going to be good. Phobias are intrest8ng because it varies with everybod. whats yours?

December 11



I am asked why I love winter so much.
It’s not the cold
Or shorter days,
Or the bare-to-branch trees.
Or Christmas break,
-although that’s good-
Or falling of the leaves.
It’s the spirit of the holidays,
And the Christmas songs I hear,
There are many ways
I get in the faze,
Around this time of year.

By Esha C

Authors Note
I wrote this poem because I love reading rhyming poems, and I thought I’d give it a go. All I said was true, for I love the winter and all the wonderful things that come with it! I find it the time of the year that I anticipate the most and feel the happiest because who doesn’t love the holidays! It’s a time where I can wear knee high socks and it makes sense, and when I can have hot cocoa in the correct weather. And all the memories that I’ve had around this time of year inspired me to make this poem.

December 7

The Velociraptor

I know I already put a poem on my blog, but why not! I’m an avid reader of poetry, and love Emily Dickinson, and Shel Silverstein.

His body was cold,


and sickly green,

and as he scouted the jungle

he bobbed his head,

land lunged at a procompsognathus

that was unaware—yet terrified.

and I saw the slash of the claws,

and a pair of razor sharp teeth,

and eyes full of menace,

wide and dilated and sharp.

Then out of the bush,

with those quick feet

moving with out effort



he ran – that strange bird,

cold, tense, sickly green,

he was part lizard part chicken,

oart neither -for his blood was ice.

inspired by “The Shark”by Edward John Pratt

I was inspired to make this poem because I was currently reading “The Lost World” which is the second book in the amazing series. So….what d’ya think?

November 16

Would A Later School Start Time Increase Success?

I’m sure everybody has complained at least ONCE in their life that school starts too early.

This question raises a lot of flags for me.

On one side, my dad always told me that waking up early gives you a fresh start to a better day.But people who lack sleep(due to homework, or extracurricular activities) would agree with the fact that more sleep would help.

My opinion is that schools should leave it as is. Around 8:30-9 is a good starting point, because if school started later-it would end later-and clash with some students other activities. SURE it does get a little annoying when you don’t wanna wake up, but it soon becomes routine…at least some times.

And having school go till the afternoon, instead of the evening, gives us time to catch up on homework, go to lessons, or have some downtime. But all this is based off of my opinion. What’s yours?