November 16

Would A Later School Start Time Increase Success?

I’m sure everybody has complained at least ONCE in their life that school starts too early.

This question raises a lot of flags for me.

On one side, my dad always told me that waking up early gives you a fresh start to a better day.But people who lack sleep(due to homework, or extracurricular activities) would agree with the fact that more sleep would help.

My opinion is that schools should leave it as is. Around 8:30-9 is a good starting point, because if school started later-it would end later-and clash with some students other activities. SURE it does get a little annoying when you don’t wanna wake up, but it soon becomes routine…at least some times.

And having school go till the afternoon, instead of the evening, gives us time to catch up on homework, go to lessons, or have some downtime. But all this is based off of my opinion. What’s yours?

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1 thoughts on “Would A Later School Start Time Increase Success?

  1. jessicaz5

    School start times are definitely perfect as is. Any earlier, and I’d never wake up and might just opt to skip first period entirely. Any later, and I’d be hot, sweaty and exhausted by the time school gets out. Great post!


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