December 11



I am asked why I love winter so much.
It’s not the cold
Or shorter days,
Or the bare-to-branch trees.
Or Christmas break,
-although that’s good-
Or falling of the leaves.
It’s the spirit of the holidays,
And the Christmas songs I hear,
There are many ways
I get in the faze,
Around this time of year.

By Esha C

Authors Note
I wrote this poem because I love reading rhyming poems, and I thought I’d give it a go. All I said was true, for I love the winter and all the wonderful things that come with it! I find it the time of the year that I anticipate the most and feel the happiest because who doesn’t love the holidays! It’s a time where I can wear knee high socks and it makes sense, and when I can have hot cocoa in the correct weather. And all the memories that I’ve had around this time of year inspired me to make this poem.

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2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. jessicaz5

    I love winter as well! Your poem was short and sweet and very enjoyeable, and your subtle use of rhyming was well used. I agree that the holidays are fun, and your poem showed a lot of the aspects I enjoy about the festive time of year.

  2. emmag6

    I love winter as well! Your poem was very enjoyable to read, and I love the rhythm you used. I love the holidays as well!


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