April 5


   Lately, I’ve been indulging myself in the art of Picasso and his infamous periods in life- being mainly his blue and rose period(I’m appalled by how much I hate his African Period). I decided to rush my dad to Michael’s to get me some new acrylics so I could start a painting. While contemplating, I settled on fusing two of his painting together: “Garçon á la Pipe” and the hues from his previous blue period.

  Here’s a little background- Picasso was currently depressed(for his friend committed suicide) and in Italy when his paintings started taking on monochromatic shades, hence those two years being called his “Blue Period”.  But the other painting was created in his “Rose Period” because of the reds, yellows, and warmer colors.

Picasso truly is a wonderful artist- even though I often complain about his nonsensical African artwork, and the uncanny difference between his pieces and my kindergarten art projects. The mood he creates is marvelous considering it’s just paper, oil, and acrylic. Overall, I’m proud of my artwork and the knowledge I’ve accumulated.


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