May 18

An Open Letter to Severus Snape

Dear Severus Snape,

When I was a child watching Harry Potter, I was young, never quite understanding the concept of your background. Fast forwarding to third grade when I read the series- I was in love. Not until the seventh book did I finally understand you: the complex death eater turned potions teacher. After learning about you, my sympathetic heart felt immense pity. A reason why is because you lost your one love: the kind, beautiful Lily. After getting sorted away from you, your connection with her snapped instantaneously- only to have Lily fall in love with James Potter. Not only did you lose her once, but you lost her twice: the second time being the cursed night of July 31st.

Another point as to why I feel such empathy towards you, is the fact that you lost so many people: one of those people being yourself. After your immoral choice of turning to the dark side, you lost the spark of goodness you had in you- the spark that Lily saw, when others didn’t. The spark burned and left a hole in your heart: a hole that you left gaping open when you lost everyone else. Dumbledore, (probably) your family, and so many more.

Lastly, you kept many, many secrets. After the death of your beloved, you made a life-long vow to keep Harry alive- no matter the circumstance. But Harry couldn’t know. Harry thought all you did was torture, hate, and despise him,(including his father) but he still couldn’t know. People questioned Dumbledore as to why he trusted you so much, not knowing that he held your secret: your promise. You’ve remained calm under fire, and cloaked your feeling all your life- leaving them invisible to others.

Severus, you know my pity for you is strong, and you know that I’ll always think of you as the boy who loved Lily.

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