September 24

A Brief Movie Review Pt. 1: Spirited Away

Over the summer, I had a LOT of free time. In my perspective 

More free time = more movies

And I heard fantastic reviews on a movie called “Spirited Away”, directed by the infamous Hayao Miyazaki, and produced by Studio Ghibli. I decided to watch the movie, and BOY did i love it.

The wonderful story supported by the beautiful animation, tells the story of a girl-Chihiro-who moves to a new city, but her parents and her stumble upon a hot spring(a place where you bathe in warm water), but the hot springs are exclusively for spirits that roam in the night. The spirits can be both safe and dangerous. Chihros parents have been turned to pigs, and it’s up to her to save them, while learning more about the spirits, and a boy she met.

Check out the trailer—

September 12

My First Post…

“A blog is merely a tool  that let’s you do anything from change the world, to sharing your shopping list.” ~Unknown 

I 103% agree with this statement. I’ve always wanted to start a blog because I felt that I had so many opinions on life that I wanted to share. Also, I enjoy the idea that somebody, out in the world, that has NO idea who I am, can see and relate to the stuff I post. I don’t need any “theme”, because i can talk about anything ranging from  A-Z(figuratively).

This first post is an intro to the many things that will be on this blog. I hope most of this stuff catches your eye, and makes you want to read more, because that is my main goal!

To conclude this post, I will be sharing one of my favorite quotes.

“The  ship is not  always  safe at  shore. But  that  is not what it  is built for.” ~Albert Einstein