December 7

The Velociraptor

I know I already put a poem on my blog, but why not! I’m an avid reader of poetry, and love Emily Dickinson, and Shel Silverstein.

His body was cold,


and sickly green,

and as he scouted the jungle

he bobbed his head,

land lunged at a procompsognathus

that was unaware—yet terrified.

and I saw the slash of the claws,

and a pair of razor sharp teeth,

and eyes full of menace,

wide and dilated and sharp.

Then out of the bush,

with those quick feet

moving with out effort



he ran – that strange bird,

cold, tense, sickly green,

he was part lizard part chicken,

oart neither -for his blood was ice.

inspired by “The Shark”by Edward John Pratt

I was inspired to make this poem because I was currently reading “The Lost World” which is the second book in the amazing series. So….what d’ya think?