April 19

Summer & Other Anecdotes.

Currently, while writing this post, it is April 19th(or 18th?), and the end of school is nearing. Usually around this time of year, I get real hyped up over summer and the wonderful benefits of it, but when it’s actually summer I just slug around my house and occasionally(every other week or so) step outside.

This year though, I’ve decided to be on the more productive side of things- and it’s my goal to finally volunteer at the one place I’ve only dreamed of.

Austin Pets Alive!

Ironically, I don’t have a dog, but have always wanted one ever since I was six- I still remember throwing a fit every time my mom would say no, and eventually created a slideshow on why I just needed that Labrador!

Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for the golden age of 13, just so I could get my parents to drive me there and I’d get to hang with some dogs(I’m also open to the idea of cats).

If you wanna join me, here’s the website for some more information!



October 5

The 5 Steps of Procrastination

I have an amazing talent: procrastination. Even my parents know that by now. Just the other day my dad asked me, “Finished all your homework?” And I sat there slow to respond. “Um, I still have a little left.” And then he asks, “How much?” And I say something but whatever it is basically means, “Just yesterdays homework.” 

So here are 5 steps of procrastination-

***disclaimer! I always turn in homework on time***

1. Debating. This is the step were you basically think to yourself, “Do I really want to do this?” And eventually… You don’t.

2. Conscience. You’re conscious of all the work you left behind, but that doesn’t matter!

3. Karma. The next day you have realized that you didn’t do the work, and you keep asking yourself, “Why couldn’t I just do it!”

4. Panic. By know you’re just panicking, and trying to figure out how you can finish all the work that you left behind.

5. Conclusion. You have either: barely succeeded with the little time you had, or completely failed.

And that about sums up my life. Just kidding! 

By the way, check out my friend Jessi,on her view of procrastination.