January 22

The Phantom Of The Opera: My Thoughts

First of all, my friend Vanessa made a blog post similar to this, so check it out!!!.

Where do I start….Phantom Of The Opera is a musical that is featured in this amazing thing called Broadway. In 2004 it was made into a movie starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson. I have never watched the actual musical on Broadway(although I really want to) but I have watched the movie and I loved it.

I love musicals, so the music is just incredible. The character development is very noticeable and although the plot is a little predictable, it still gives you a sense of suspense. The visuals are appealing despite it being almost 14 years old and even though the characters weren’t singers or Broadway performers, their voices were still good. I especially loves the intense music that plays whenever the Phantom has a savage moment or enters the stage!

I hope you love and enjoy the movie and music as much as I do!