January 22

The Phantom Of The Opera: My Thoughts

First of all, my friend Vanessa made a blog post similar to this, so check it out!!!.

Where do I start….Phantom Of The Opera is a musical that is featured in this amazing thing called Broadway. In 2004 it was made into a movie starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson. I have never watched the actual musical on Broadway(although I really want to) but I have watched the movie and I loved it.

I love musicals, so the music is just incredible. The character development is very noticeable and although the plot is a little predictable, it still gives you a sense of suspense. The visuals are appealing despite it being almost 14 years old and even though the characters weren’t singers or Broadway performers, their voices were still good. I especially loves the intense music that plays whenever the Phantom has a savage moment or enters the stage!

I hope you love and enjoy the movie and music as much as I do!





October 19

The Never-Ending Rally: Volleyball

I’ve been playing volleyball for a while now, and really seem to enjoy it. It’s fun, competitive, and a great excersize. I’m on the WRMS volleyball team, and I’m having a unbelievably good time! I stumbled upon this video, I watched it, and it was…wow! I was amazed at these volleyball players persistence. The rallies at WRMS aren’t exactly like that(there still amazing!), because those people are at Olympic level!

I haven’t properly played beach volleyball(properly as in; in a properly filled sand court), but it seems enjoyable! Also, in a sand court when you fall(I fall a lot!) it wouldn’t hurt quite as much. I love watching volleyball, especially good rallies, so this video just gave me a mini brain explosion. I have watched Olympic level volleyball, but EVERY time, I still can’t get over how good these people are! This game is between USA and Canada (USA wins!!!).

September 26

A Very Mature Book Review Pt. 1: Jurassic Park

In my personal opinion, you haven’t read a proper sci-fi book unless you’ve read Jurassic Park.

My opinion is most likely biased, but that’s not the point! My point is…Jurassic Park is an amazing book. I have met so many people who constantly ask me, “Wait…isn’t that a movie?” Yes, it is. But the MOVIE is based of the BOOK(*small mind explosion*).

And the book is amazing! I love the imagery, the characters, the plot, and most of all… The dinosaurs! If you love: dinos, chaos, suspense, and thriller, Jurassic Park is the book for you! Thanks you for enjoying this-not demanding at all-book review!

September 24

A Brief Movie Review Pt. 1: Spirited Away

Over the summer, I had a LOT of free time. In my perspective 

More free time = more movies

And I heard fantastic reviews on a movie called “Spirited Away”, directed by the infamous Hayao Miyazaki, and produced by Studio Ghibli. I decided to watch the movie, and BOY did i love it.

The wonderful story supported by the beautiful animation, tells the story of a girl-Chihiro-who moves to a new city, but her parents and her stumble upon a hot spring(a place where you bathe in warm water), but the hot springs are exclusively for spirits that roam in the night. The spirits can be both safe and dangerous. Chihros parents have been turned to pigs, and it’s up to her to save them, while learning more about the spirits, and a boy she met.

Check out the trailer—