December 15


Have you ever thought if you’ve had any phobias? I have. I know for sure that I have galeophobia, which is a a phobia of sharks. I know it’s a but stupid because 1. I’ll probably never encounter a shark in my life and 2. They won’t attack me. But I’ve been thoroughly traumatized. I also have acrophobia, and once again it’s kinda stupid because it’s not like demon spiders are gonna come after me and bite me and I’ll turn into spidergirl and then quit my job as a superhero because it’s too much responsibility. I also have scoleciphobia which is a phobia of caterpillars. So when I read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in kindergarten, I slowly died on the inside. I try to get within at least a 10 yard radius from the closest caterpillar, or else it’s not going to be good. Phobias are intrest8ng because it varies with everybod. whats yours?