October 19

The Never-Ending Rally: Volleyball

I’ve been playing volleyball for a while now, and really seem to enjoy it. It’s fun, competitive, and a great excersize. I’m on the WRMS volleyball team, and I’m having a unbelievably good time! I stumbled upon this video, I watched it, and it was…wow! I was amazed at these volleyball players persistence. The rallies at WRMS aren’t exactly like that(there still amazing!), because those people are at Olympic level!

I haven’t properly played beach volleyball(properly as in; in a properly filled sand court), but it seems enjoyable! Also, in a sand court when you fall(I fall a lot!) it wouldn’t hurt quite as much. I love watching volleyball, especially good rallies, so this video just gave me a mini brain explosion. I have watched Olympic level volleyball, but EVERY time, I still can’t get over how good these people are! This game is between USA and Canada (USA wins!!!).