September 12

My First Post…

“A blog is merely a tool  that let’s you do anything from change the world, to sharing your shopping list.” ~Unknown 

I 103% agree with this statement. I’ve always wanted to start a blog because I felt that I had so many opinions on life that I wanted to share. Also, I enjoy the idea that somebody, out in the world, that has NO idea who I am, can see and relate to the stuff I post. I don’t need any “theme”, because i can talk about anything ranging from  A-Z(figuratively).

This first post is an intro to the many things that will be on this blog. I hope most of this stuff catches your eye, and makes you want to read more, because that is my main goal!

To conclude this post, I will be sharing one of my favorite quotes.

“The  ship is not  always  safe at  shore. But  that  is not what it  is built for.” ~Albert Einstein