Summer. The sole reason kids don’t go insane from school work, late nights, and a LOT of drama. Its the very idea that keeps us from starting a revolt against the school and starting a full out war. Which were totally not gonna do. Yeah…

In summer you could have an assortment of many things planned. Week long summer camps, training courses for sports, or just have endless hours of you and your friends doing the dumbest things you could think of. You might have parties, you might blow up your neighbors car, but with summer the sky’s the limit. Speaking of the sky, summer has the best holiday which includes shooting explosive rockets into the air and watch the pretty colors fill up the night sky. The Fourth Of July. Or as I call it, the big boom boom night. Now you most likely have the same view, or if your Lucas you hate summer and your just flat out crazy.

Spring Break

Its the time of year for nerve wracking tests, instrument performances, and terrifying track meets. But before you can get to that you have a week of freedom. Well sort of…. Spring Break is a time of year that parents take there kids on expensive trips that they really don’t want to go on. So why do I dislike it so much?

First of all there’s the extremely long rides to wherever your going. It could be Can Coon or New York either way its excruciating. There’s  always the crying baby on the plane or if your in the car there’s the person with the bladder the size of a penny. Whatever it is there is no right way to enjoy the ride.

Second there’s the pain of getting to the hotel, finding your room, going up and down and up and down and up and down, until you’ve gotten the last of your little sisters stupid stuffed animals and that one blanked that mom cant go anywhere without. Then once you’ve gotten up you figure out the TV isn’t plugged in, or the AC is broken, or the mattress is made of rocks (True Story). No matter what your going to have a bad time with the hotel.

Finally there’s parents who have planned everything down to the last minute. Museum after museum after the zoo after the park until  your legs are screaming at you and you feel like your going to faint from lack of sleep, water, and food. Then if your in my position you get the honor of carrying all the stuff while everyone else is frolicking around like baby gazelles. All you try to do to stop this agony ends up blowing up in your face.

So this spring break try with all your heart to stay home and do absolutely nothing. I’ll probably get left in a museum or locked in with the lions at the zoo. That’s still better than dealing with all their nonsense.


The War of the Clans: The Only Way

It had been hours since the “Sky Wolves” had arrived but there was nothing the Cuddlefish could do. It was as if the Sky Wolves were immortal. Alfred swam to the council room where everybody was screaming for what to do.

“War… Surrender… Ignore…” the fighting Cuddlefish couldn’t decide to do.

“Enough!” Alfred screamed. “Nothing will get resolved by fighting… we already know that we can’t kill them, so let’s figure out why”

“Are you saying we should be trying to capture them?” shreaked a voice from the sea of fish.

“We have no technology that could capture something that moves with such speed,” stammered  someone at the far end of the table.

“We may not,” Alfred spoke with all the authority he could get. “But the Butter Puppies do… and they may be the only way out of this.”

The walls, once a dark grey had been painted yellow by Sanford and Raz. The battle had been going on for hours and no progress had been made. They screamed at each other to give up but none would surrenender. “You don’t possess the strength in which to defeat me” screamed Raz panting every chance he go. Sanford didn’t respond. Waste of breath. Then the sirens came alive. They were something neither of them had ever noticed before. Exchanging glances Raz and Sanford barreled down the corridor where the sound was coming from. Then all of a sudden they fell into a room covered top to bottom with monitors. “What…?” Sanford muttered in awe of what he had come accross. “This is the only way to know what’s going on outside”.

“So what is going on?… why did the sirens go off?…” Sanford muttered still out of breath

“Its a message from the Cuddlefish Commandos… they say they need  our help… were there only hope”.


The War Of The Clans: The New Challenger

Sssssssss…… The sound of a melting target burn its way into Alfreds skull. He could still see the yellow markings he had made to imagine the buttery demons. Scalding hot water balls formed from the air as well as the butter could form from his enemy… only Alfred had trained for years on end waiting to find a purpose.  BWAR… BWAR… BWAR… He knew that sound all to well. It was the sirens alerting them of an intruder from above water, but something seemed wrong . The Butter Puppies had never made there way this far out into the ocean. BWAR… BWAR… BWAR… They just kept going, and usually by now they would have stopped. He started to swim upstream to the main deck to see what was happening. He couldn’t see anything from there so he went out in the open to check it out. Then he saw them. All kinds of grays, browns, and blacks. They were just like the Butter Puppies but they were… flying. Just hovering above the water. “Who are y-” A lightning bolt flew down from the sky and started to strike the water around him. He swam as fast as he could back down to the main deck. As he came in he saw the others around him. “What were those things?” an angry but scared voice came from the crowd. “Those… those were Sky Wolves”

[Insert here Eye Of The Tiger Montage Video Here].  “Again you have to learn to attack your opponent without hesitation, the more time you give them the less of an advantage”. Sanford stood over a pile of destroyed metal, cardboard, and concrete targets plus several more Frog Dog bodies. “I’ve been here for nearly three months, I know how to fight I need to get back to the kingdom the others might not even be alive” Sanford practically screaming. Raz mearly brushed it off “Again” was all he muttered. Sanford saw the gate drop and had a new idea. The only person keeping him here was Raz, so all he had to do was take down his captor. He dodged the newest beast and it charged at Raz. Surprised by the change in events he started to fly… using butter as some kind of propulsion he shot the the monster down without blinking. He lowered himself and looked at Sanford. “If you want to leave you will have to go through me”.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way ” he said as they charged at each other.  “Only one is leaving this place” Raz screamed “And it won’t be you”

War Of The Clans: War Is Coming

“We will never escape them” screamed one of the Cuddlefish sitting around the round table. “But we have taken out there king, and the prince is nowhere to be seen” said Alfred in return exhausted by the battle.

“He could be recruiting an army”

“What army would there be left?” Alfred demanded

“Who will he turn to? We are the only two intelligent creatures     on this planet”

“There is still so much that we haven’t explored, and what if they have found a new deadly creature out there?”

“ENOUGH!” screamed Alexander, the chancellor, and next in line to be king. “We will keep fighting as long as it takes no matter how many monsters or armies they have we can take them down”. As the senators


“Oh my god” screamed Sanford as he saw the hideous leviathan walk out of a tunnel he hadn’t noticed somehow. “Meet the Frog Dog” Raz said with his best ominous voice “What do you mean ?” Sanford wailed as he ran in circles trying to avoid the beast “What you were born with use that against it, focus”. As Sanford stared down the Frog Dog he started to feel something rising from inside of him. With everything he had inside of him he made a giant buttery spear out of thin air and sent it straight into its heart.

He looked at Raz “What next?”


The War Of The Clans: The Start

The sounds of explosions to his left, and gunshots to the right. All that stood in front of Alfred now was the sea of yellow creatures with eyes of crimson red in front of him. Alfred saw his kind with holes where there shouldn’t be holes. All he could think of was what he would do to each of them if he ever got his hands on them. As Alfred shot geysers of boiling hot water from the sea behind him the Butter Puppies advanced, leaving no choice but to retreat. As he took one last look at the devils golden creation he dove into the water before he could end up like his fallen brethren.

Freezing water poured over him. “What… what the heck?!” Sanford screamed gasping for air. The shadowy figure that belonged to Raz spread around the room.

“Never let your guard down in a place where your always in danger” Raz’ voice echoed through the room

“Look I don’t know who you are or what you want just let me go… please”

“You may not know me but your father did” Raz said with more force in his voice

“Get up… GET UP” he screamed at the golden prince. “I know you may be confused… but you came because of the Cuddlefish Commandos. “Yes… Yes.. Yes…” Sanford with more excitement in his voice every time he spoke. He thought there might finally be some light in the pit of darkness he had sunken into. “If you want my help then we start now” Raz said as two targets lit up at the end of the hallway. “Fire at them… use the power of the Butter Puppy inside of you and attack it” he said as voice seemed to get angrier as he said it. “If you want to end them you wont question me and you wont fight back against it”.

“Against what?” Sanford asked

“That” As a gate dropped behind him.



The War Of The Clans: The Mentor

So I see your back for more of this odd little world. So let’s get right in

As he lie on his death bed, Hawk looked around the room he was lying in ready to die. He was looking now at his only descendent, Sanford.

“Sanford” Hawk whispered


“As my dying wish  and as my only family I tell you to go to the desert”

“The desert?” Sanford asked in great confusion

“Yes to the north you must journey” Hawk said with his last breath

Sanford didn’t waste a second to even rethink what he was doing. He flew out of the doors to the great hall with a backpack in his hands with enough food for weeks.

As he pulled himself through the think desert sand he felt like had traveled a few meat inches in the last hour. He crumbled upon his own weight into the sea of tan beneath him. As Sanford pulled himself to his paws he felt as if the brown bag he carried on his back had suddenly been angered and he felt a cold metal blade sink past his spine and come through his stomach.

Flying through the water he felt total confidence. Alfred was the most trusted warrior in the Cuddlefish Commandos. There was no creature that he had not taken down that had stepped in his path. Although he was not a mean Cuddlefish, in fact he was very outgoing in his ways and tried to help in anyway possible. As he rode the waves of the ocean city below him he was sad to have to head to battle. Even though he was a valuable asset for some reason the government didn’t trust him enough to give him a higher role in the army. He had a great hatred for those who didn’t trust him, but he had an even greater hate for the Butter Puppy Assassins. He wanted to watch them burn in the eternal flames of  he… he… the underworld.

Sanford wokein a dark room for which he coudnt see his own paw in front of him. He tried to stand but let out whimper because of the pain that coursed through his back. All of a sudden light came blazing through the room. He heard the sound of footsteps echo though what looked like a hallway in front of him. A dog with tattered yellow fur walked into the room. He seemed to be in a thousand places at once and this was one of the less important ones.

“Who are you?” Sanford question with anger in his voice

“I am Raz, for I know what you seek” He said with a booming voice

“My father said to find the dog in the desert”

“I knew your father and I know what he wanted from me”Raz returned

“What is it?” asked Sanford feeling to much pain to be angry

Raz approached him. he then put a knife in his back in the same place he had done with the sword before. “He wanted me to teach you how to fight” Raz said “If you want to win against the these puny little cuttlefish” His voice echoed through the room “Then training starts… tomorrow”  Raz said walking away with total swagger.


Made With Jackson I. Jackson I Will Ussually Be The Perspective Of The Cuttlefish. He Is Also The Creator Of The Squatches And Snack Kids. Go Check His Blog Out. Comment Who’s Side You On. Thanks For Reading.


The War Of The Clans

Apart from the Squatches and the Snack Kingdom, the blood and the strife, the wars of the unimaginable, there was war that not even the Squatches and the Snack Stackers could imagine. The War of the Clans

In a separate nation instead of the Squatch and Snack Kingdom war there were the clans. The Cuddlefish Commandos with there bubbling ways, The Sky Wolves who ruled the world above, and the Butter Puppy Assassins who is like your modern day Green Lantern but can make solid, nearly impenetrable creations out of butter. Now you may think that sounds ridiculous and your entitled to your opinion but then where did the Cuddlefish come from or the golden retrievers? Now that we settled that lets get into history.

About twenty bajillion years ago the Butter Puppies lived in peace with nature in there own society. They lived happily in there tiny little town, but little did they know they were not alone in this vast world.

Basking in the sun was the leader of the Budder Puppies. His name was Hawk. As he lay there in total serenity he heard a sound from the ocean that laid out in front of him. He didn’t think much of it but after a couple seconds he heard it again, and again he heard it but longer this time. He looked down at the water and he saw something rising. No not something… someone. A creature rising from the water, then there was more of them, rising almost growing in size and numbers. Hawk ran and he yelled for them to get the guards. Then he was thrown to the ground and beaten, and he had a feeling  like his own life was being sucked out of him. The  next thing you knew there was a war between the Butter Puppies and the Cuttlefish Commandos.



Halloween is a special time of year where people dress up as the most random stuff you can imagine. This halloween I went Trick Or Treating and I got a treat, out of the tricks I pulled on other people, for if you have fake blood and a phone you can make magic too. You never truly know what’s gonna happen on Halloween night, but you always know it’s gonna be a wild ride so buckle up and enjoy.

During Halloween I was able to trick some people that I was how you say “dead”. All I had to do was get my friend to download one of the many gun imitating apps and grab some fake blood to make it as if somebody had passed away right in front of them. While I walked down the street alone my friend with his phone was following not far behind, but we were both looking for someone to trick.

When we finally stumbled upon a group of teenagers we set up the scene and waited, as they came around the corner I started to pretend to beg for mercy, and just seconds later a “bullet” was put in my chest. They screamed, a few came running to my side while the others went after my friend. “Tell my parents…”

I said to them pretending to die slowly “You just got pranked!” I said as I started to die with laughter, as did with the rest of them a few seconds after they realized what just happened, my friend came running back with the teenagers at his heels. As the other teenagers got the jist of what was happening they started laughing along with us.

That night we did that to many other groups of people and got many different reactions. The candy we got didn’t even compare to the amount of fun we had with those pranks, but beware this may happen again next year… and it may happen to you.

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