Formula 1: Breakdown of the Sport

Michael Schumacher Racing for Ferrari. Pixabay CC0

Formula 1 is a really cool sport and type of racing. It is probably the most noticed and most popular form of racing to date, because of the iconic open seater, open wheeled cars with enough downforce to drive upside down! They are also the fastest type of racing in the world. At certain tracks, these amazing cars reach speeds of 200 mph!

They race with teams of two, a pit crew, and probably the most important, a tech crew. The 2 drivers on the racing team both have their own crews and are pretty independent. The only difference is that they can radio each other and help each other out during a race. They are also commonly referenced together as one, for example: “The Silver Arrows” (Petronas-Mercedes Team)

The pit crew is in charge of replacing tires, and other parts of the car (most commonly the front wing).  The tech crew monitors all the data from the car, including the speed, lap splits, gaps, downforce, biometric data, engine data, tire wear. They are crucial when it comes to deciding when the best time to come in the pits.

3 thoughts on “Formula 1: Breakdown of the Sport

  1. I went to the Austin one last year! It was loads of fun and you probably burn hundreds of calories just by trying to find your way around the place. It’s HUGE.

  2. One of the aspects of class blogging I like the most is that I learn new things! I had some sense of Formula 1 racing, but your informative post gives me a better sense of the sport.

  3. I’ve been to a few myself, they are really fun. I like how you wrote about your experience. You where also very descriptive and had good word choices.

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