The Phantoms Lair

As he takes me down the long, elegant hallways, I notice something I have never noticed here before. The hallways, they were not lit by a physical object. The Phantom himself cast an eerie light that stretched down the dark corridors.

This made it impossible to see without him with you.

As we approached the chambers, the door ahead magically swung open to reveal a very, very large room. Along the center was a colossal fireplace. The walls, decorated with banners, torches, and and beautiful medieval stone which would make even the richest man jealous.

The chandeliers above were as large as an elephant and bright as the sun, lighting up the room with a cheerful mood.

The boat was covered in roses, and smelled of a sweet summer afternoon, but as he pulled me close, the room turned dark, and we descended downward….

Into the depths we go, spiraling, downward. To a secret room we arrive, where there is a door.

It magically opens.

We walk through, and appear on stage! ”Sing!” He tells me. I sing, and a round of applause shakes the theatre, and we disappear into the depths of his fortress.