Open Letter to Tony Stark!

Wassup Tony!


I get it, I get it. “Go away kid! Find someone else as awesome as me to get an autograph from. Oh wait! There isn’t anyone that’s more awesome than me! Oh well, good luck!” I hear you saying that right now, as you read this. Ha! Who’s the mind reader now? Anyway, I would like to ask you a few questions about your often called crazy lifestyle, and how you started off.


1.) How do you get to a point in life like you are right now? Anyone can be born into a wealthy family, but how do you instantly know exactly how to build everything you build? Can school really teach you that much? Also, where did the money come from? Sure, the US Military is paying you to make basically every weapons they own, but still, there must be a certain amount where that stops! I mean, a skyscraper and billion dollar houses just to have them? How are you able to get to this amount of pure wealth?

2.) How are you capable of building the CRAZY machines? In anyone’s world, how is it possible for one human, and the help of a stationary arm robot to assemble complex war machines in just a few hours?? I just don’t get it! Also, where do you get all of the materials to build the suits and drones? I imagine each piece has to be specially cut to fit on each area of the robot or suit, and it just seems like a really long process.

3.) How did you come up for the idea for the suit? It’s not like something like that can magically pop into your brain! I mean sure, you are Tony Stark and were captured in an active war zone….but still I feel there should be some sort of limit to how much a human brain can really think, and the amount of detail is just too much to comprehend! Also, how did you know off the top of your head how to build a miniature reactor to power yourself?? Come on!


After all that you’ve been through, what was your favorite experience? To be honest, if I had the opportunity, I would be just like you one day! You’re my favorite Avenger! My final question to leave you with is: “How did you start?” Were you just a little kid when you found your passion for machinery like you have now, or were you older? Did you have the materials available when you were younger? What can someone do to become like you?



Sincerely your biggest fan,