The Start

Here is the poem I wrote for our poetry assignment. It is about the start of a race. Hope you like it!


The Start

I was waiting, waiting, waiting,

I’ve been waiting a whole, slow lap

Warming tires,

Strong desires,

To win this race for the team

I have raced on this track before,

But adrenaline surges as engines roar,

Like machine gun fire across the open track

We take our places, on the grid

Mercedes pole,

And Ferrari not far behind

As for the red lights,

Five they reach!

And off we go,

Tires screech

The race is


Authors note:

My main inspiration for this poem came from David Croft, who retired this season. He was probably Formula 1’s favorite announcer appearing first in 2006 and continuing his famous words: “Lights out and away we go” at the start of every race. I also have a large respect for the sport in general and I hope his legacy will live on in the history of the sport.