Coming Back to Soccer

I love soccer! I play for FC Westlake as a goalkeeper.

Last year, I had to have two foot surgeries, one on each foot. This put me in casts and boots, but I got this cool scooter too. This put me out of soccer for almost 2 years!!!

So far I have gone to a good amount of goalie  practice since they started back up after winter break, and I really like playing! There is some new coaches that I had not met yet, but I am getting to know them and am getting used to their practice routines. Last week, we worked on shot stopping. You might think, oh, that’s what goalies do anyway right? Well I’m going to tell you, that’s not all it.

First of all, you have to get dirty. Even if you are playing on turf, you come back as stinky as a sock that has lived its life on the bottom of your shoes. You get lucky if practice is on a muddy grass field because you won’t get scratched and scraped as much as on the turf. You also get a ton of bruises from hitting the ground so many times.

Aside from that, goalkeeping is really fun because you are like the final line of defense for your team. People on your team really appreciate when you save a great shot, and if you don’t, then oh well. The game goes on. People have to score somehow.