Fantasy Football

I’ve  recently noticed that some of the bloggers at West Ridge have been blogging about fantasy  football . I want to tell you  that I play fantasy football and I’m  a commissioner  and created my league.  In week 1 I had a major comeback but fell short. I was down by 4 before the Steelers and Redskins game and had my  kicker on the Steelers who was going to play. The final score was 38-14 Steelers. My kicker scored 10 points and his tight end scored  points. The final score was 94-96 my opponent. But week 2 looks positive because I made a trade which got me Ezekiel Elliot and I gave up Adrian Peterson and Emmanuel Sanders!  I predict the Buffalo Bills will win today! Go Dolphins!!!

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  1. Adrian Peterson? Now there’s a name familiar to Longhorn fans. He gave us a lot of trouble when we played against his team. If I remember correctly, he was a Sooner…right?

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