Austin Comic Con 2016

In a week Austin’s comic con will be held at the Austin Convention Center. Actors including Matt Smith (11th Doctor from Doctor Who) and Karen Gillan  (companion Amy Pond from Doctor Who). Which  I think it is going  to be awesome! I really love the show even though I started watching the series last summer. The mystery and action lifts the show up and the amazing script. What is even more cool  is that Matt Smith and Karen  Gillan are my favorite Doctor and favorite companion! The convention will go through the 23-25 of September. I have some conflicts that weekend, but leave a comment if you are planning on going there.

2 thoughts on “Austin Comic Con 2016”

  1. I do indeed plan on going! Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are a big draw, but don’t forget William Shatner! Gotta see the Captain as well as the Doctor 🙂

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