My Crazy Baseball Weekend!!!

In case you did not know, I’m a catcher for my select baseball team. This weekend, I played with seven thirteen year old kids, 2 14 year old kids, and 1 fifteen year old. The fifteen year old pitched to me for six innings throwing 75 miles per hour.  Imagine squatting with pads to protect your face,legs,and chest. With the pitch coming 75 miles per hour at you and your job is to catch and block the balls. I know what you’re thinking. Wow that’s really scary and wow why would anyone do that? The reason is it’s for the pleasure of the game. I got 2 bruises and a jammed finger. but I did pretty good. I also broke up a no-hitter with the last play of the game. A no-hitter is a game pitched with  no batter getting a hit in the whole game! I hit a blooper over third base and 2 runs scored with my teammate getting out at home.   There was also 7 walks in a row and 10 errors on my team. Pretty crazy huh?

5 thoughts on “My Crazy Baseball Weekend!!!”

    1. When you get older more people hit the baseball to the outfield. When you’re in little league, not many people can hit the baseball to the outfield.

      1. No, actually plenty of people do hit it to me. I have actually had to rob 3 baseballs in my career. (I missed a fourth, but no one cares about that.)

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