Field Trip!!!

Today I went on a field trip to the Palmer Center in downtown Austin.  We learned about the stage, seats, attendance, dressing rooms, and all technical elements of a play.  I think the coolest part of the trip there, was going on the stage and learning about it.  After our tour, we watched an informance of the play Wolfhall. An informance by the way, is a preview of some scenes of the performance. Wolfhall was about Henry the 8th trying to get a divorce  in order to have a male son , an heir, by a new wife. In his journey to get a divorce, Thomas Cromwell told him to translate the bible to English and make a new church system In which he would be the most powerful, not the Pope.

I also saw a friend from my summer camp, which I thought was really cool. Also, after the performance we played a game of tag after lunch, and I won that game.  Wolfhall is an interesting story and I hope you can go see at 7:30 pm on Saturday or 3:00 pm on Sunday.

Comment down below if you’re planning to see the performance on Saturday or Sunday or if you were a lucky person to go on the field trip!!!

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