My NFL Predictions Week 3

Dolphins vs Browns. Dolphins will win by 14 points.

Bills vs Cardinals. Cardinals will win by 11 points.

Vikings vs Panthers. Panthers will win by 17 points.

Bengals vs Broncos. Broncos will win by 5 points.

Packers vs Lions. Packers will win by 9 points.

Jaguars vs Ravens. Jaguars will win by 2 points.

Giants vs Redskins. Giants will win by 3 points.

Raiders vs Titans. Raiders will win by 10 points.

49ers vs Seahawks. 49ers will win by 5 points.

Buccaneeers vs Rams. Buccaneers will win by 17 points.

Chargers vs Colts. Chargers will win by 2 points.

Jets vs Chiefs. Chiefs will win by 12 points.

My upset of the week is the Steelers vs Eagles. The Eagles will win by 15 points.

Cowboys vs Bears.The Bears will win by 6 points.

Falcons vs Saints. The Falcons will win by 20 points.

Comment down what predictions you thought was wrong or correct. Or comment your prediction!!!






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