Jose Fernandez’s Death

It was a sad, sad, day on Sunday. 24 year old pitcher on the Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez, had died. He was on a boat with two other friends and the boat crashed. “He was a very young talented pitcher” teammate Giancarlo Stanton stated. He was coming off Tommy John surgery the previous year and he was scheduled to start a game on Monday. During the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns game, they had a moment of silence for Jose Fernandez.  Which I thought was generous and kind. Also during the game on Monday, the every Marlin wore the number 16 in honor of him.

He was a Cuban native and he got his U.S citizenship last year, was having a baby girl in a few months. Which is terrible way to end your life.  If he would have had a few more years, he would probably could have been the best pitcher in baseball.   I give all my prayers to the Fernandez family and I hope the Marlins can bounce back without him.



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  1. Yes, a tragic story. The photo of all the Marlins wearing #16 with “Fernandez” on the jerseys was very moving, and a beautiful tribute.

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