Schlitterbahn Excitement!!!

I love the water park Schlitterbahn. It has so much to do and eat. It’s very child friendly and the rides are up to scale. The Schlitterbahn I usually go to is the one in New Branfuels, Texas. In the New Branfuels Schlitterbahn there is three ¬†parks. I’ve only been to two parks.I call the more modern park, the new park and the old park I call it the original park. My favorite ride at the new park is The Falls. Apparently it’s the longest water slide in the world!!! The Falls lasts 20 minutes in a tube ride that ends on a black lever that pulls you up and back into the water.

At the original park, my favorite ride is the Hill Slide. Sometimes the wait gets really annoying! The wait could be up to an hour wait! Usually the. Ride is jammed pack because it is some much fun. The name basically tells the story of the ride. There are lots of turns, bumps, and slides that make the ride so much interesting and worth the wait.

The food is pretty good in my opinion. They have good burgers for an ok price and a really good funnel cakes. They have 3 combo meals that include the funnel cake, burger,fries, and a drink for 15 dollars. The funnel cake favors are cookies and cream, birthday cake, and loaded which is a rainbow m and m cake. I give a 7 out of 10 stars for their food which is pretty good because I’m a picky eater. I have probably been to Schlitterbahn 8 times.

Comment down below what your favorite ride is at Schlitterbahn and describe what it is.

3 thoughts on “Schlitterbahn Excitement!!!”

  1. Don’t laugh, but my favorite Schlitterbahn ride is the Lazy River. I’m more into floating than falling and plunging and screaming!

  2. My favorite ride at Schlitterbahn has to be the Master Blaster. But its in Austin I’ve never been to the New Braunfels one but it sounds like lots of fun!

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