Play Doh

Everyone knows the famous  toy called Play Doh  that creates shapes, ice creams, or anything your imagination dreams up. In case you don’t know what Play Doh is, it’s a clay that you can model that is aimed for two years or older. Play Doh is nice because you can use it for many things like models, movies, for playing, and for school work.

My favorite color of Play Doh is either the light blue or light green clay. It might have the word doh in it, but don’t eat Play Doh because you will vomit or get food poisoning. In my Science class, we had to make a model of a cell. My teacher told us we could use any material to make the model. Can you guess what I used for the model? If you said “Play Doh,” ding, ding, ding, you are right.

For the model I used different types of Play Doh for the animal cell and I made eleven organelles and 3 combinations to make new colors.

Here is a picture of what it looked like.


Comment down below what you thought of my model!!!

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