My Ear Infection

Exactly 7:59 on the dot on Monday night, I was in HEB when I ate a bread sample. I was chewing and grinding up the bread when I heard a gruesome sound. It was my stomach growling like a tiger! After picking up fruits and vegetables, I felt a little strange, and that was when I felt IT. The experience was horrible! I felt like I needed to throw up, yet I couldn’t.

I figured that I was really sick.

My mom and I went to the doctors office the very next day and I had a good session there. The doctor thought I had strep. All of the symptoms pointed to a big red bullseye saying STREP. Then she swabbed me with a long stick. In case you don’t know what a throat swab is, it’s a stick that the doctor puts into your throat to see if you have strep or the flu. The test was negative. The doctor continued her exam and it turned out I had an bad ear infection in my right ear.

An ear infection is really painful because there is infected fluid that clogs my eardrum making it hard to hear. I was glad I knew what I had and it wasn’t that serious even though I missed two days of school. My ear infection could’ve been something way worse and I’m happy that I only had a minor infection!!!

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