For the Love of the Game

Baseball is pretty much my life. I practice three to four times a week, and play at least 2 games a week.  Baseball is getting less popular each year! Did you know that the Titans vs Jaguars football game, had more views than the 1st game of the World Series! Let me repeat. THE WORLD SERIES!  The most important baseball game of the year has less views than a measly regular season football game.  I want to talk about the positive sides of baseball.


Unlike other sports, baseball doesn’t need much expensive equipment or materials. All you need  is a glove, a hat, and a baseball bat. At any age you can play baseball. It doesn’t matter if you’re mid forties, or if you’re a five year old. Any one can play baseball. Baseball is America’s pastime. What is a pastime you might ask. Well it’s a hobby or activity that someone does to enjoy.If baseball is America’s pastime , then it’s America’s sport. By the way, what’s more American than apple pie and baseball?

There has been over a hundred movies about baseball, and I think that’s an impressive feat. If baseball isn’t that popular, then why would they make a lot movies about it? My favorite movie about baseball is definitely The Sandlot. The Sandlot is a movie about a kid who has a Babe Ruth signed baseball and hits into the neighbor of the Sandlots yard. The beast lives there and they have to get the ball back or the kid will get in huge trouble! It’s a comedy summer movie made for laughs and for the love of the game.

The reason I love baseball is that I have been playing it for over 10 years. Ever since I picked up a bat and practiced with my dad, baseball has been my passion. This summer I went to the birthplace of baseball Cooperstown, New York  to play week long tournament. I played 7 games with humongous pressure because the games were on TV. I played really well,but it was a shame that we got knocked out really early. After our dissapointing loss, I went to the Hall of Fame to see all the important records and information about baseball. It was really fun and exciting.


Baseball is a meaningful game to me. I can compare my life to baseball. In baseball you will usually succeed 3 out of every 10 times. You fail most of the time. In life that’s the case, you will make mistakes every often or so. Nobody is perfect! That is why I appreciate the game. If you don’t like baseball or think it’s boring, do you appreciate my tenacity? Whatever you do in life, give it a hundred and 50 percent no matter what!!!

7 thoughts on “For the Love of the Game”

  1. I always enjoyed playing baseball in PE class in school, and I’ve been enjoying watching the World Series.

    That’s very cool that you got to play in televised games at your young age!

  2. Hi Ethen,
    Hi it’s Eli and you checked out my blog a few days ago. Yes it’s crazy baseball is getting less popular every year. But to me, I love it more every year. I’ve played baseball for two years now, but I’ve watched baseball for about 5-6 years. My favourite team is probably the Blue Jays because they’re the only team from Canada and my favourite player is Tulowitzki. Because Texas got knocked out, who are you cheering for now? I’m cheering for the Cubs.

  3. Hi Eli, I was rooting for the Rangers, but because they lost I’m rooting for the Indians. I’m glad that you like baseball and pay attention to your favorite team. The Toronto Bluejays! Maybe they’ll win the world series next year!!!

  4. Hi Ethen,
    Maybe the Blue Jays will win the World Series next year (probably not.) I can also give some tips about bottle flipping. Flick your wrist when you flip it. Fill it about a third the way full. Don’t flip it that high because it has a bigger chance of falling over and if you’re doing the challenge, flipping it high will take longer. I will have a post coming out soon about bottle flipping tips, come check that out, hopefully coming out in the next few days.

    1. I think that baseball will slowly get more popular. The football ratings are down almost 20%. That’s enough to lose millions of dollars!

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