A Medley of Important Stuff

Today I’m going to talking about a variety of stuff.

As you all know Halloween was on Monday. I was dressed up as Luke Skywalker, To make my costume I used a white robe, brown jeans, and brown boots. I really liked my costume because I looked exactly like the character. My blue lightsaber was made of blade builders. My trick or treating this year was a success! I got way more candy than last year and even went on a spooky hayride.

Last night, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It was an exciting series with the Cleveland Indians
failing to handling their business. The Cubs have snapped a 108 year long drought without winning a world series. That is the longest drought ever!  Some person tweeted in 2014 that the Cubs would win the World Series in an extra inning game in 2016. Crazy, right?  The MVP was Ben Zobrist who had a key hit in extra innings. He has won the World Series two times.

I play trumpet as you recall. We got new chair placements and I’m still first chair!! We had district band auditions last weekend with three other schools competing against us. The top 16th made it to regionals, but I got 19th place. I was a little bummed out, but then I realized I was the 4th best seventh grader out of all the trumpeters competing. I hope next year I will make it.

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