The Anaconda

His body was scaly

And shedded

And jungle green,

And as he passed the settlement

He turned,

And gobbled up a turkey

That was dead from poison.

And I saw the flash of a “v” tongue,

And two fangs filled with venom,

And eyes of amber,

Poisonous, stingy, and patient.

Then out of the jungle,

With that seventeen foot long body

Slithering as quiet as a mouse




He slithered – that silly strange reptile,

Scaly, shedded, jungle green,

Part shark, part eagle,

Part neither- for he was about to strike.


Inspired by The Shark by Edwin John Pratt.

Authors Note: I wanted to make a homage  of this poem because the imagery and word choice made me perfectly imagine this in my head. I changed the animal from shark to anaconda. This poem is really good and fun to read.

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