The Chameleon

The Chameleon

She hides in the land
She is quite homesick,
For life is so bland
It is way too thick

When danger is near
She is fraught with fear,
A thunderous ripple occurs
Is she safe, we are not quite

A color change covers her body
She is more vibrant than most,
It is hard not to boast
About the colorful magician of reptiles

An electric green to a lighting bolt yellow
An ocean blue to a fire truck red,
The changes make her quietly mellow
As they reach her intense head

A tongue the size of a football field
The spikes of a cactus,
A roundabout tail like a spiral staircase
All of this sounds like an unbelievable dream,

For the conditions are rough
And the environment is tough,
She will be gone in a puff
For she is known by most
As the colorful magician of

My second author’s note: I chose my topic as a chameleon because I’m touched by how they can change colors. It is really cool and I wanted to bring out the beauty of it in my writing. “As the colorful magician of reptiles.” That line brings out the beauty of it. With nature I can compare way more things than if I chose an everyday topic. My favorite line of my poem was “An electric green to a lightning bolt yellow.” It has so much meaning and cleverness in my opinion. My poem started out with 5 stanzas, and then I added another stanza to help get the message through. I hope my reader feels like they are in a mysterious fearful land.

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