A Medley of Interesting Information

This is my second medley of the year.

This past week has been very exciting for me. I have made lots of gingerbread cookies and I was in the Spelling Bee. This week has also been very time consuming because I have totally been studying 24/7. Tests from all different subjects have drained  my time too.

Last year I was in the Spelling Bee and got out on the word successful. I got tenth place last year. This year I was better prepared, but got a worst place.  I got my first five words right, and I was going on a streak until we got off the word list. ” Your word is riotous.” My palms were sweaty, my arms were shaking, my teeth was chattering. “R-I-E-T-O-U-S.” I missed it by that much. I accidentally spelled an E instead of an I I got twelfth place.    The hardest word I spelled right in my opinion was eucalyptus. Hopefully next year I’ll do better.

So onto my next adventure. I rolled out the gingerbread dough and brought the cookie cutters out. Yes, it’s this time of year again! It’s Christmas time! I brought out a T-Rex cookie cutter, and placed the dough inside. I repeated that action six times, and put three m&m’s in each dinosaur. I then put it in the oven. You could probably smell the sweetness from a mile away. I ate the gingerbread cookie with so much satisfaction – it could make almost make a rainy day turn sunny!

This way my exciting week I hope that you enjoyed it. Comment down below what you’re doing for Christmas?

3 thoughts on “A Medley of Interesting Information”

  1. Congrats on that Spelling Bee finish! Twelfth place is something to be proud of, Ethen. Good for you for participating and preparing 🙂

    I like the way you showed your experience here: ” My palms were sweaty, my arms were shaking, my teeth was chattering.” Well done.

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