The Billy Joel Concert

This past Saturday I went to something very exciting.  I went to the Billy Joel concert in San Antonio!  The concert was in the AT&T Center where the  San Antonio Spurs play. This was my first ever concert of Billy Joel.

It was 8:23 P.M on the dot when Billy Joel sang his first note. The first song he played was Miami 2017( I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway.) The song was one of my favorites. ” I’ve seen the lights go out on broadway. I saw the might skyline fall.” The irony about that song was he wrote it in nineteen seventy six, but it actually happened on 9/11.  Billy Joel later sang the Yellow Rose of Texas as a joke to San Antonio. Before most of his songs he either sang a song in the same key as his, or told a joke about how he was still on the charts even though he hadn’t made a record since nineteen ninety three!!!

Later in the concert before singing a song, he sang the Lion Sleeps Tonight. The whole band got in the groove of that song. My favorite song that Billy Joel sang was most likely Piano Man or Italian Restraunt. That was my favorite part of the concert. ” Sing us a song you’re the piano, Sing us a song tonight. We’re all in a mood for melody, and you got us feeling alright.”

The concert ended at 11:30. Which made it a three hour and seven minute concert.  This concert was probably a once in a lifetime opurtunity. When we got to my house, it was 1:30.

Comment down below if you have been to a Billy Joel  concert.

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