My Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves are worst nightmares, annoyances, and experiences. Everybody has a pet peeve. What  is the definition of a Pet Peeve? A pet peeve is something that a particular person finds annoying.   Yes a pet peeve is not an itch on a pet. It’s something you find annoying.

My biggest pet peeve is someone else waking me up. Getting a good sleep is very important.  According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute sleep is very important to keep up physical health, mental health, and development.  All of that goes into the trash when one of my parents wakes me up.  “Ughhh” the sound I make every time that I’m woken up by them. “Why do you have to torture me?” I ask. “You have to wake up,” says my mom or dad every single time. I wake up grumpy in the morning.  I just wasted a perfectly good morning just because someone woke me up. It’s really annoying. Not like one sister annoying. Like SIXTEEN sisters annoying!  I honestly think that everyone’s pet peeve should be someone else waking them up.

One of my other pet peeves is too much homework.  Homework is the word that every student groans when a teacher says it. I’m totally fine with one or two assignments for homework, but having three or four homework assignments is totally unnecessary! I have an average of forty minutes of homework per school day. That number speeds into an hour: just by adding another homework assignment.  Having too much homework is pesky because it causes too much stress.  Stress is a very horrible thing. I have enough of it already. Everyone in seventh grade is trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do in life. Why add more stress?  There’s enough drama in a middle school day.  Also my backpack is SO heavy when I get out of school. Binders actually way stuff! It may seem shocking for some parents.  Because I have homework in math and science almost every day, I become annoyed and stressed out.

Homework, homework, and more homework can break the stress limit.  Pet peeves drive us insane, make us want to cry, and punch a pillow as hard as you can.  Anything that drives you cuckoo is a pet peeve.


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  1. Oh yeah, and I hate when people take a perfectly good meme, and say it over 9000 times. (?) It ruins the meme, and makes it annoying!

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