About Me

Hi guys my name is Ethen and I’m a seventh grader at West Ridge Middle School!!! I will blog about anything. Whether I  blog about the Presidential election or the San Diego Zoo or even sports.   It will be unpredictable! When I’m not at school I’m probably playing baseball, watching TV,playing Yahoo fantasy football.I love the Florida Gators and cats! I have two twin cats that look nothing alike. Rocket is a big and black cat, while Lulu is brown and small. I love the Gators with all my heart and secondly I like the Miami Heat,Dolphins,and the  Marlins. I’m creative,smart, funny in my own way! I’m a catcher on my select baseball team.Some of my hobbies are acting, sport video games,fantasy football,and making movies.Some vacation places that I like are Santa Monica Pier,New York City,New Orleans,NASA in Houston, and Pensacola Beach in Florida. A major hobby  goal that I’m working on is to go to every Major League Baseball stadium.There are 29 teams in the U.S.A and 1 team in Canada. I’ve been to 4  stadiums so far.It will take a long time to complete, but it will be a lot of fun!!!         Also if you can guess what I’m going to post about, you probably have insane psychic abilities or your an awesome human being!! You can leave  a comment on what you think I will blog about next! I hope you enjoy getting  to know me through my blog!!!

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