My Thanksgiving

During my Thanksgiving I had a lot of fun. At first in the morning my sister and I were playing a game of Monopoly Junior.  I won 2 straight games until I went bankrupt, and my sister won.  We then watched the Vikings Lions football game. It was a close one with the score 16-13 Lions. What made it cooler was that we watched the game on our brand new LG tv.

After watching the game, I ate my Thanksgiving  meal. The main meal Turkey was delicious. It tasted like heaven. It was as juicy  as juicy juice, and  as spicy as buffalo wings. Then I ate yeast rolls which my mom made too. It took three hours for them to rise! My family went around the table saying what we were thankful for. I was thankful for my health, education, food, shelter, clothes, and a loving supporting family. It was way better than last years Thanksgiving by a mile!

We then decided to walk to the park to have some fun. It was a half a mile walk. I swung on the swings, played catch with my mom, and pushed my sister up and down the swings. It was our exercise for the day. Finally before I went to bed. I watched the last Doctor Who episode of season nine. This has most likely been one of my best Thanksgivings ever in my whole life!

The Chameleon

The Chameleon

She hides in the land
She is quite homesick,
For life is so bland
It is way too thick

When danger is near
She is fraught with fear,
A thunderous ripple occurs
Is she safe, we are not quite

A color change covers her body
She is more vibrant than most,
It is hard not to boast
About the colorful magician of reptiles

An electric green to a lighting bolt yellow
An ocean blue to a fire truck red,
The changes make her quietly mellow
As they reach her intense head

A tongue the size of a football field
The spikes of a cactus,
A roundabout tail like a spiral staircase
All of this sounds like an unbelievable dream,

For the conditions are rough
And the environment is tough,
She will be gone in a puff
For she is known by most
As the colorful magician of

My second author’s note: I chose my topic as a chameleon because I’m touched by how they can change colors. It is really cool and I wanted to bring out the beauty of it in my writing. “As the colorful magician of reptiles.” That line brings out the beauty of it. With nature I can compare way more things than if I chose an everyday topic. My favorite line of my poem was “An electric green to a lightning bolt yellow.” It has so much meaning and cleverness in my opinion. My poem started out with 5 stanzas, and then I added another stanza to help get the message through. I hope my reader feels like they are in a mysterious fearful land.

The Anaconda

His body was scaly

And shedded

And jungle green,

And as he passed the settlement

He turned,

And gobbled up a turkey

That was dead from poison.

And I saw the flash of a “v” tongue,

And two fangs filled with venom,

And eyes of amber,

Poisonous, stingy, and patient.

Then out of the jungle,

With that seventeen foot long body

Slithering as quiet as a mouse




He slithered – that silly strange reptile,

Scaly, shedded, jungle green,

Part shark, part eagle,

Part neither- for he was about to strike.


Inspired by The Shark by Edwin John Pratt.

Authors Note: I wanted to make a homage  of this poem because the imagery and word choice made me perfectly imagine this in my head. I changed the animal from shark to anaconda. This poem is really good and fun to read.

A Medley of Important Stuff

Today I’m going to talking about a variety of stuff.

As you all know Halloween was on Monday. I was dressed up as Luke Skywalker, To make my costume I used a white robe, brown jeans, and brown boots. I really liked my costume because I looked exactly like the character. My blue lightsaber was made of blade builders. My trick or treating this year was a success! I got way more candy than last year and even went on a spooky hayride.

Last night, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It was an exciting series with the Cleveland Indians
failing to handling their business. The Cubs have snapped a 108 year long drought without winning a world series. That is the longest drought ever!  Some person tweeted in 2014 that the Cubs would win the World Series in an extra inning game in 2016. Crazy, right?  The MVP was Ben Zobrist who had a key hit in extra innings. He has won the World Series two times.

I play trumpet as you recall. We got new chair placements and I’m still first chair!! We had district band auditions last weekend with three other schools competing against us. The top 16th made it to regionals, but I got 19th place. I was a little bummed out, but then I realized I was the 4th best seventh grader out of all the trumpeters competing. I hope next year I will make it.

For the Love of the Game

Baseball is pretty much my life. I practice three to four times a week, and play at least 2 games a week.  Baseball is getting less popular each year! Did you know that the Titans vs Jaguars football game, had more views than the 1st game of the World Series! Let me repeat. THE WORLD SERIES!  The most important baseball game of the year has less views than a measly regular season football game.  I want to talk about the positive sides of baseball.


Unlike other sports, baseball doesn’t need much expensive equipment or materials. All you need  is a glove, a hat, and a baseball bat. At any age you can play baseball. It doesn’t matter if you’re mid forties, or if you’re a five year old. Any one can play baseball. Baseball is America’s pastime. What is a pastime you might ask. Well it’s a hobby or activity that someone does to enjoy.If baseball is America’s pastime , then it’s America’s sport. By the way, what’s more American than apple pie and baseball?

There has been over a hundred movies about baseball, and I think that’s an impressive feat. If baseball isn’t that popular, then why would they make a lot movies about it? My favorite movie about baseball is definitely The Sandlot. The Sandlot is a movie about a kid who has a Babe Ruth signed baseball and hits into the neighbor of the Sandlots yard. The beast lives there and they have to get the ball back or the kid will get in huge trouble! It’s a comedy summer movie made for laughs and for the love of the game.

The reason I love baseball is that I have been playing it for over 10 years. Ever since I picked up a bat and practiced with my dad, baseball has been my passion. This summer I went to the birthplace of baseball Cooperstown, New York  to play week long tournament. I played 7 games with humongous pressure because the games were on TV. I played really well,but it was a shame that we got knocked out really early. After our dissapointing loss, I went to the Hall of Fame to see all the important records and information about baseball. It was really fun and exciting.


Baseball is a meaningful game to me. I can compare my life to baseball. In baseball you will usually succeed 3 out of every 10 times. You fail most of the time. In life that’s the case, you will make mistakes every often or so. Nobody is perfect! That is why I appreciate the game. If you don’t like baseball or think it’s boring, do you appreciate my tenacity? Whatever you do in life, give it a hundred and 50 percent no matter what!!!

My Ear Infection

Exactly 7:59 on the dot on Monday night, I was in HEB when I ate a bread sample. I was chewing and grinding up the bread when I heard a gruesome sound. It was my stomach growling like a tiger! After picking up fruits and vegetables, I felt a little strange, and that was when I felt IT. The experience was horrible! I felt like I needed to throw up, yet I couldn’t.

I figured that I was really sick.

My mom and I went to the doctors office the very next day and I had a good session there. The doctor thought I had strep. All of the symptoms pointed to a big red bullseye saying STREP. Then she swabbed me with a long stick. In case you don’t know what a throat swab is, it’s a stick that the doctor puts into your throat to see if you have strep or the flu. The test was negative. The doctor continued her exam and it turned out I had an bad ear infection in my right ear.

An ear infection is really painful because there is infected fluid that clogs my eardrum making it hard to hear. I was glad I knew what I had and it wasn’t that serious even though I missed two days of school. My ear infection could’ve been something way worse and I’m happy that I only had a minor infection!!!

Play Doh

Everyone knows the famous  toy called Play Doh  that creates shapes, ice creams, or anything your imagination dreams up. In case you don’t know what Play Doh is, it’s a clay that you can model that is aimed for two years or older. Play Doh is nice because you can use it for many things like models, movies, for playing, and for school work.

My favorite color of Play Doh is either the light blue or light green clay. It might have the word doh in it, but don’t eat Play Doh because you will vomit or get food poisoning. In my Science class, we had to make a model of a cell. My teacher told us we could use any material to make the model. Can you guess what I used for the model? If you said “Play Doh,” ding, ding, ding, you are right.

For the model I used different types of Play Doh for the animal cell and I made eleven organelles and 3 combinations to make new colors.

Here is a picture of what it looked like.


Comment down below what you thought of my model!!!

Schlitterbahn Excitement!!!

I love the water park Schlitterbahn. It has so much to do and eat. It’s very child friendly and the rides are up to scale. The Schlitterbahn I usually go to is the one in New Branfuels, Texas. In the New Branfuels Schlitterbahn there is three  parks. I’ve only been to two parks.I call the more modern park, the new park and the old park I call it the original park. My favorite ride at the new park is The Falls. Apparently it’s the longest water slide in the world!!! The Falls lasts 20 minutes in a tube ride that ends on a black lever that pulls you up and back into the water.

At the original park, my favorite ride is the Hill Slide. Sometimes the wait gets really annoying! The wait could be up to an hour wait! Usually the. Ride is jammed pack because it is some much fun. The name basically tells the story of the ride. There are lots of turns, bumps, and slides that make the ride so much interesting and worth the wait.

The food is pretty good in my opinion. They have good burgers for an ok price and a really good funnel cakes. They have 3 combo meals that include the funnel cake, burger,fries, and a drink for 15 dollars. The funnel cake favors are cookies and cream, birthday cake, and loaded which is a rainbow m and m cake. I give a 7 out of 10 stars for their food which is pretty good because I’m a picky eater. I have probably been to Schlitterbahn 8 times.

Comment down below what your favorite ride is at Schlitterbahn and describe what it is.

Week 4 NFL Predictions

Week 4 is going to be a crazy week and I hope the games will be exciting. Here are my picks below

Jaguars vs Colts. Jaguars will win by 3 points.

Panthers vs Falcons. Panthers will win by 17 points.

Raiders vs Ravens. Raiders will win by 10 points.

Lions vs Bears. Lions will win by 12 points.

Texans vs Titans. Titans will win by 15 points.

Bills vs Patriots. Bills will win by 2 points.

My upset of the week is that the Jets will  beat the Seahawks by 5 points.

Browns vs Redskins. Browns will win by 20 points.

Broncos vs Buccanneers. Buccanneers will win by 5 points.

Cardinals vs Rams. Rams will win by 1 point.

Saints vs Chargers. Chargers will win by 19 points.

Cowboys vs 49ers. Cowboys will win by 35 points.

Steelers vs Chiefs. Chiefs will win by 11 points.

Giants vs Vikings. Vikings will win by 3 points.

Comment down below which picks you thought were correct or incorrect.








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