Today is my Birthday!!!


I’m officially turning 13 today! Today is going to be a crazy day. I went to Westlake High School to practice for a concert tomorrow and I’m excited for it. Later I have to open my presents and go out for somewhere nice to eat.   My parents say they have a surprise for me and I wonder what it is.   Also the Miami Dolphins play today and I prediction them to beat the Bengals by 10 points!!!

Comment down below how close your birthday is and when it is!!!

Jose Fernandez’s Death

It was a sad, sad, day on Sunday. 24 year old pitcher on the Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez, had died. He was on a boat with two other friends and the boat crashed. “He was a very young talented pitcher” teammate Giancarlo Stanton stated. He was coming off Tommy John surgery the previous year and he was scheduled to start a game on Monday. During the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns game, they had a moment of silence for Jose Fernandez.  Which I thought was generous and kind. Also during the game on Monday, the every Marlin wore the number 16 in honor of him.

He was a Cuban native and he got his U.S citizenship last year, was having a baby girl in a few months. Which is terrible way to end your life.  If he would have had a few more years, he would probably could have been the best pitcher in baseball.   I give all my prayers to the Fernandez family and I hope the Marlins can bounce back without him.



My NFL Predictions Week 3

Dolphins vs Browns. Dolphins will win by 14 points.

Bills vs Cardinals. Cardinals will win by 11 points.

Vikings vs Panthers. Panthers will win by 17 points.

Bengals vs Broncos. Broncos will win by 5 points.

Packers vs Lions. Packers will win by 9 points.

Jaguars vs Ravens. Jaguars will win by 2 points.

Giants vs Redskins. Giants will win by 3 points.

Raiders vs Titans. Raiders will win by 10 points.

49ers vs Seahawks. 49ers will win by 5 points.

Buccaneeers vs Rams. Buccaneers will win by 17 points.

Chargers vs Colts. Chargers will win by 2 points.

Jets vs Chiefs. Chiefs will win by 12 points.

My upset of the week is the Steelers vs Eagles. The Eagles will win by 15 points.

Cowboys vs Bears.The Bears will win by 6 points.

Falcons vs Saints. The Falcons will win by 20 points.

Comment down what predictions you thought was wrong or correct. Or comment your prediction!!!






Bingo Night at BCE

Yesterday at 6pm I revisited so many good memories. Where was I you might ask. I was at the Barton Creeek Elementary Bingo Night!!! My friend and I with my sister battled to death to win bingo once out of ten rounds! The theme was the Olympics and they had a costume contest which was really cool!   Even though I won no games, I had tons of fun and I hope to return there next year and win a round!!!

Field Trip!!!

Today I went on a field trip to the Palmer Center in downtown Austin.  We learned about the stage, seats, attendance, dressing rooms, and all technical elements of a play.  I think the coolest part of the trip there, was going on the stage and learning about it.  After our tour, we watched an informance of the play Wolfhall. An informance by the way, is a preview of some scenes of the performance. Wolfhall was about Henry the 8th trying to get a divorce  in order to have a male son , an heir, by a new wife. In his journey to get a divorce, Thomas Cromwell told him to translate the bible to English and make a new church system In which he would be the most powerful, not the Pope.

I also saw a friend from my summer camp, which I thought was really cool. Also, after the performance we played a game of tag after lunch, and I won that game.  Wolfhall is an interesting story and I hope you can go see at 7:30 pm on Saturday or 3:00 pm on Sunday.

Comment down below if you’re planning to see the performance on Saturday or Sunday or if you were a lucky person to go on the field trip!!!

Thursday Night Football

Today the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots are going to battle to the death! Both teams are 2-0 and they want to stay undefeated. My prediction is that the Texans will win by 7 points.                 I have a question for you guys. What is your favorite animal?      Comment down below and I will make a pie chart and see which animal is your favorite!!!



I’m first chair in my trumpet class. In case you have no idea what that means, it basically is the best player in your class with the best sound,volume, and articulation. I like playing the trumpet it is very fun and challenging. Next week we are playing at the Westlake football game with the high school band! The trumpet’s are usually the main melody or harmony.I can play 8 scales and lots of songs. My band class is really good and we have some new concert music to play!

Comment down below if you play a musical instrument or  you’re in Choir!

My Crazy Baseball Weekend!!!

In case you did not know, I’m a catcher for my select baseball team. This weekend, I played with seven thirteen year old kids, 2 14 year old kids, and 1 fifteen year old. The fifteen year old pitched to me for six innings throwing 75 miles per hour.  Imagine squatting with pads to protect your face,legs,and chest. With the pitch coming 75 miles per hour at you and your job is to catch and block the balls. I know what you’re thinking. Wow that’s really scary and wow why would anyone do that? The reason is it’s for the pleasure of the game. I got 2 bruises and a jammed finger. but I did pretty good. I also broke up a no-hitter with the last play of the game. A no-hitter is a game pitched with  no batter getting a hit in the whole game! I hit a blooper over third base and 2 runs scored with my teammate getting out at home.   There was also 7 walks in a row and 10 errors on my team. Pretty crazy huh?

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube





Before watching this video, I completely thought solving the Rubik’s cube was impossible.  I had a Rubik’s cube 2 years ago that I have not solved until this week. This video was very helpful and I have no idea why I couldn’t solve it.  I have solved it twice now, but some of the colors ripped off so I might get a new cube in October.     I hope this video will help you solve the really hard puzzle! Here is a website to solve a Rubik’s cube online.   Continue reading

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