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Kind of Summarizing Some of My Blog Posts This Year! The Biggest Post I Have Done All Year!!!

This is going to be the biggest, coolest, and best blog post I’ve done all year.  It’s sad that this could be my last blog post.  Everybody has had fun making posts and reading them. I hope that this post is the best post ever!

     Florida Gator Post

This was my first ever blog post on my blog.  It was very short in fact. I showed how I was the biggest Florida Gator fan ever. Even though we didn’t beat Tennessee in football, we still won the SEC East Division. It’s awesome that the Gators managed to bounce back after having a horrible season last year.

Olympics 2024 Post

I have big news. The two cities that will host the 2024 Summer Olympics are Paris or L.A. For the first time since 2002, a city in U.S.A could host the Olympics. Because of the great breeze and good weather, L.A could be a great place for the Olympics.

7/11 Post

 Being honest, I haven’t really been to 7/11 since September. This year on July eleventh, I advise that everyone should go 7/11 to get a free slurped. Slurpee’s are great for the summer because it will be scorching. This was one of my wackier and random posts that I really liked.  My favorite flavor of slurpee is blue raspberry.

Weeks  2, 3, and 4 NFL Prediction Posts

 These were meant to be a series, but I got bored from the originality. So I stopped the series. My record was very shabby and grotesque to look at, so I won’t tell you my record. Boy, were the Browns a disappointment this season.     

  How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Post

I was not that  good at solving a Rubik’s Cube before watching this video. I didn’t know there was a method to its madness. Thankfully I have solved it at least twice in my life. By the way, ( if your read this post) I didn’t get a new cube,

Trumpet Post 

I have outlasted my trumpet buddies  again to become  1st Chair for the 4th time this year. A week ago, we went to San Antonio to compete in a band contest. We won the best band for our level group. Because the trumpet is super awesome(Everybody knows that), we always get some sort of melody in a song. We are also playing Beauty and the Beast. We have melody in the Gaston and Be Our Guest part.

Schlitterbahn Excitement Post

I went to Schlitterbahn last year, and I’m really hyped to go to it in the summer. I like the old park at the New Branfels site because it has more rides to do and more fun. The Falls, the longest lazy river ride at Schlitterbahn, is my favorite ride at the new park. Splashing, swimming, and relaxing are all the things I’m going to do at Schlitterbahn. I think that I’ve been to Schlitterbahn eight or nine times in my life.

For the Love of the Game Post

Most people know I love baseball. The sweet sound when you hit the sweet spot, diving for a baseball and getting your pants dirty, the sound of a glove when you catch a baseball. So far,  I’ve won first place for two tournaments and second place for two tournaments. We get rings if we get first or second in a tournament. My favorite time playing baseball was in Cooperstown, New York. That’s where the Hall of Fame is located. We had a four day tournament there and lost on the fourth day. Losing so early was devastating,  but sometimes you have to deal with it. Some day, I will make it to the Hall of Fame.

E NEEds Equality Post

Hold on to your sEatbElts , it’s going to bE a bumpy ridE. ( You should probably click thE hypErlink if you want to know why I’m capitalizing EvEry E.) BEcausE EvErybody in thE world rEad my post, thEy stoppEd all thE hating on E and gavE it Equality. In that post I complainEd about no Equality, in this post I’ll dEmonstratE how to givE it Equality. First of all, you havE to say nicE things to E. Saying you look ExcEllEnt is fabulous. SEcond of all, you’ll nEEd to usE words that start and End with E. End and introducE arE finE Examples of that. SEE what I did thErE. Lastly, sprEd awarEnEss of how E nEEds to becomE a primary lEttEr.

What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Post

My opinion has not changed. The egg came first. How so? It’s simple science and crazy creativity. The egg came first because the first chickens were dinosaurs. They were mutation which evolved over time. The chicken, which was a mutation, hatched out of an egg first proving that the egg came first. Even though scientists have  some theory’s, I’m still backing my opinion and I won’t let up. I even hyperlinked the egg just to show that it came first! Can a 13 year old teenager be smarter than scientists?  I don’t know. Because of mutations and evolutions from dinosaurs, the egg came before the chicken.

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are honestly the worst. Nobody likes them. They are the things that make you cringe, itch, and make you want to put yourself in a ball and cry. In that post I talked about how someone else waking me up is my biggest pet peeve. I hate it especially when I go to sleep late and have to wake up early. My morning is ruined when someone wakes me up. It makes me so tense and grumpy when this happens.

This was obviously the biggest post Ive ever done. I have really enjoyed writing all the blog posts I’ve done. Whether my posts have been random, sad, about baseball, has a serious tone, or are just plain weird, and I have been having a blast doing them. From September to May we have been writing blog posts. Being honest, my favorite post was probably the E NEEds Equality post because of its wackiness and randomness.  I also liked how my voice was expressed when I capitalized every E. I hoped you enjoyed my biggest post ever that is over one thousand words!!!

For the Love of the Game

Baseball is pretty much my life. I practice three to four times a week, and play at least 2 games a week.  Baseball is getting less popular each year! Did you know that the Titans vs Jaguars football game, had more views than the 1st game of the World Series! Let me repeat. THE WORLD SERIES!  The most important baseball game of the year has less views than a measly regular season football game.  I want to talk about the positive sides of baseball.


Unlike other sports, baseball doesn’t need much expensive equipment or materials. All you need  is a glove, a hat, and a baseball bat. At any age you can play baseball. It doesn’t matter if you’re mid forties, or if you’re a five year old. Any one can play baseball. Baseball is America’s pastime. What is a pastime you might ask. Well it’s a hobby or activity that someone does to enjoy.If baseball is America’s pastime , then it’s America’s sport. By the way, what’s more American than apple pie and baseball?

There has been over a hundred movies about baseball, and I think that’s an impressive feat. If baseball isn’t that popular, then why would they make a lot movies about it? My favorite movie about baseball is definitely The Sandlot. The Sandlot is a movie about a kid who has a Babe Ruth signed baseball and hits into the neighbor of the Sandlots yard. The beast lives there and they have to get the ball back or the kid will get in huge trouble! It’s a comedy summer movie made for laughs and for the love of the game.

The reason I love baseball is that I have been playing it for over 10 years. Ever since I picked up a bat and practiced with my dad, baseball has been my passion. This summer I went to the birthplace of baseball Cooperstown, New York  to play week long tournament. I played 7 games with humongous pressure because the games were on TV. I played really well,but it was a shame that we got knocked out really early. After our dissapointing loss, I went to the Hall of Fame to see all the important records and information about baseball. It was really fun and exciting.


Baseball is a meaningful game to me. I can compare my life to baseball. In baseball you will usually succeed 3 out of every 10 times. You fail most of the time. In life that’s the case, you will make mistakes every often or so. Nobody is perfect! That is why I appreciate the game. If you don’t like baseball or think it’s boring, do you appreciate my tenacity? Whatever you do in life, give it a hundred and 50 percent no matter what!!!

Jose Fernandez’s Death

It was a sad, sad, day on Sunday. 24 year old pitcher on the Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez, had died. He was on a boat with two other friends and the boat crashed. “He was a very young talented pitcher” teammate Giancarlo Stanton stated. He was coming off Tommy John surgery the previous year and he was scheduled to start a game on Monday. During the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns game, they had a moment of silence for Jose Fernandez.  Which I thought was generous and kind. Also during the game on Monday, the every Marlin wore the number 16 in honor of him.

He was a Cuban native and he got his U.S citizenship last year, was having a baby girl in a few months. Which is terrible way to end your life.  If he would have had a few more years, he would probably could have been the best pitcher in baseball.   I give all my prayers to the Fernandez family and I hope the Marlins can bounce back without him.



My Crazy Baseball Weekend!!!

In case you did not know, I’m a catcher for my select baseball team. This weekend, I played with seven thirteen year old kids, 2 14 year old kids, and 1 fifteen year old. The fifteen year old pitched to me for six innings throwing 75 miles per hour.  Imagine squatting with pads to protect your face,legs,and chest. With the pitch coming 75 miles per hour at you and your job is to catch and block the balls. I know what you’re thinking. Wow that’s really scary and wow why would anyone do that? The reason is it’s for the pleasure of the game. I got 2 bruises and a jammed finger. but I did pretty good. I also broke up a no-hitter with the last play of the game. A no-hitter is a game pitched with  no batter getting a hit in the whole game! I hit a blooper over third base and 2 runs scored with my teammate getting out at home.   There was also 7 walks in a row and 10 errors on my team. Pretty crazy huh?