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The Aquarium is Fun

Splash splash, drip, drip, glug glug,  “woaaaah.” Those are what you hear at an everyday aquarium. Aquariums are very fun to go to.

A reason going to the aquarium is fun is that it’s educational.  In order to convince your parents to go to one, you must tell them aquariums have information about marine biology. Also about the animals. Some facts I’ve learned is that catfish have over 27,00 taste buds, and humans have around ten; octopuses have three hearts;  Sharks kill FEWER THAN TEN PEOPLE each YEAR,  yet Humans kill MORE THAN ONE MILLION SHARKS each YEAR; jellyfish have been around  before the dinosaurs even existed; Sea Otters spend one and a half hours each day grooming their fur;  the smallest fish, the Philline Goby literally is 1/3 of an inch when it reaches its full size; penguins actually live in the Southern Hemisphere. Not the North Pole; Almost every specie of pufferfish has some sort of toxic in them; a male walrus is called a bull, and a female walrus is a called a cow; the water moccasin can live in the water, and the land.

If you’re ever in a situation when you’re parents say no, you should always say how going  to an aquarium is education.

Another reason  is that there are a lot of activities to do. In the Sea Life Grapevine Aquarium, you can touch stingrays and starfish. It can be very exciting and entertaining for the kids. Just soaking your hands into the icy cool water can make any kids day. Many aquariums now have a 360°  tunnel so you can see every point of view. In my opinion, I think the 360 tunnel is the best part because you can see the sea animals everywhere.  Also watching the creatures chomp, tear,  and slurp their food during shows is cool to watch. In 5th grade, I once slept next to seals in Moody Gardens. I was up at five am playing tricks with the seals. It was so exciting!

Whether it’s a hot day or a cold day, whether it’s winter or summer,  going  to an aquarium will always be a blast because it is fun in multiple ways.