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My NFL Predictions Week 2

I’m probably going to try to predict every NFL game right in one week until the season ends.

Dolphins vs Patriots..The Patriots will win by 10 points.

49ers  vs Panthers. The Panthers will win by 17 points.

Ravens vs Browns.  The Ravens will win by 3 points.

Lions vs Titans. The Lions will win by 7 points.

Chiefs vs Texans. The Texans will win by 4 points.

Giants vs Saints.The Giants will win by 6 points.

Bengals vs Steelers.The Steelers will win by 13 points.

Cowboys vs Redskins.The Redskins will win by 1 point.

Buccaneers vs Cardinals.   My upset of the week. The Buccaneers will      win by 6 points.

Seattle vs Rams.    The Seahawks will win by 12 points.

Colts vs Broncos. The Colts will win by 2 points.

Falcons vs Raiders. The Raiders will win by 21 points.

Jaguars vs Chargers. The Jaguars will win by 18 points.

Packers vs Vikings. The Packers will win by 5 points.

Eagles vs Bears.  The Bears will win by 14 points on Monday night.

Comment down below what predictions you have for the games and test yourself to see how many you got right.