A Seleggtion of Eggcerpts

  A Seleggtion of Eggcerpts



              The Beginning

                   Written by A Raw Egg

                                                   An adolescent,

                                       a yolk hides within my walls,

                                             fragile is my shell.


              The Day Before Easter

                         Written by A Hard Boiled Egg

                                                 Torrid is the pot,

                                      bubbles form across the top,

                                             still inside my walls.



                       Sunday: 9AM

                          Written by A Scrambled Egg

                                             BEEP! goes their alarms,

                                         like a pig to the slaughter,

                                          “sizzle”, the pan speaks.



                     The End Is Near

                         Written by An Over-Easy Egg

                                               Free from my shell,

                                     my yolk floats within my white,

                                             seared until eaten.




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