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A Seleggtion of Eggcerpts

  A Seleggtion of Eggcerpts



              The Beginning

                   Written by A Raw Egg

                                                   An adolescent,

                                       a yolk hides within my walls,

                                             fragile is my shell.


              The Day Before Easter

                         Written by A Hard Boiled Egg

                                                 Torrid is the pot,

                                      bubbles form across the top,

                                             still inside my walls.



                       Sunday: 9AM

                          Written by A Scrambled Egg

                                             BEEP! goes their alarms,

                                         like a pig to the slaughter,

                                          “sizzle”, the pan speaks.



                     The End Is Near

                         Written by An Over-Easy Egg

                                               Free from my shell,

                                     my yolk floats within my white,

                                             seared until eaten.




ISR Assignment

Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson is the first installment in the Kingdom Keepers series. The book takes place in present day Orlando Florida, next to the Disney World Theme Park. Five teens, including main character Finn Whiteman, are chosen to be guides for the park. After the teens are chosen as guides, they each start to have the same dream that they are in Disney World when the park is empty. They soon figure out that if they all go to sleep at the same time they can see one another in the dream. In one of the dreams, a Disney imagineer known as Wayne tells the teens that the dreams are not a coincidence, and that the dreams are real and not an illusion. Wayne also informs them that they were not only chosen as guides, but as a team to help stop a group of Disney villains known as the Overtakers. The Overtakers are trying to take over the park, and possibly the world if they’re able to escape Disney World. Wayne gives the teens clues located throughout Disney World that will instruct them how to defeat the Overtakers. Will Finn and the others be able to stop the Overtakers before they escape the park?

A Post About Purple

My favorite color is purple. I don’t know what I like about about purple, but I think it looks the best out of all the colors. Purple means royalty, and it was very hard to dye clothes purple in medival times. I like darker shades of purple more than lighter shades. My favorite shade of purple would have to be an indigo or blackberry shade. Thanks for reading a random post about purple.

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