The Cheerleaders by Kaza Thomas

The book that I’m reading is called The Cheerleaders by Kaza Thomas. It is about five cheerleaders that mysteriously die. Two got in a terrible car accident, another two got murdered, and one killed her self. Five years later Monica, the younger sister of one of the cheerleaders suddenly thinks that there is more to the story of the five cheerleaders. More importantly why her sister killed herself. Monica is suddenly losing her friends in the process and is gaining new ones. The deeper her investigation goes, it’s gets even more dangerous and scary. She learns surprising things about her family and her friends during the process. Her two best friends are Alexa and Rachel. They are noticing that Monica has been acting diffrent lately and starts to drift away. Monica soon realizes that her stepdad has been keeping secrets about her sisters suicide and the other cheerleaders deaths. I really like this book and definitely recommend it.

2 Comments on “The Cheerleaders by Kaza Thomas

  1. This review makes me really want to read this book to find out the secrets that everyone is keeping and the connection between all the cheerleader’s deaths.
    Also, I’m wondering if Monica’s change in behavior is somehow related. Great cliffhanger!

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