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My piano teacher is from Chile in South America. He has been teaching me since about second grade, and I have to say I think I’ve improved since then. Even though Piano isn’t my favorite thing in the world (it’s actually closer to one of my least favorites) He has pushed me to continue.
When I first started out I wasn’t very good and the whole “piano” thing was really new to me. At concerts my piano teacher and I would often play duets to cover up how bad I was. I would play a few simple notes and rhythms and he would be playing an extremely complected piece that I would have a hard time learning now even.
But as time went on I became able to play more and more difficult pieces. My piano teacher had me quit the book I was working in that had all of the duets and gave me one with solo pieces to start practicing in (I seldom do duets anymore). A few years ago, he had me memorize like 10 pieces to play in front of 3 judges who scored me based on how well I knew my songs, while they looked at my music so they knew if I messed up. It was really hard! I’m now on my third one of those judge things and now I must know like 15 songs by memory! (Maybe now you know why piano isn’t very fun for me.)
Even though piano isn’t my favorite thing, I’m going to keep doing it probably through high school because its a good skill to have and I know that if I quit, I’d regret it someday. So, thanks for being my teacher all of those years!

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  1. My son, who is now 28, took piano lessons for years. He still enjoys playing, and he’s glad he put in the time and effort to learn music and develop his love of the instrument. Good for you for challenging yourself!

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