Anenomes crawlon the rocky floor,

Quizzical Dolphins leap out of the water,

Underwater tunnels leave visitors looking up in awe,

Agile otters dart and turn,

Rays and shark float slowly,

Inky squid propel themselves along,

Ugly blobfish make children laugh and point,

Manatees lazily swim.

Absolute Mumbo Jumbo


Potatoes are the best food. You can pretty much cook them anyway you want and it will taste good. You can make French fries and curly fries and mashed potatoes and chips and steak and cheese fries. You get my point. They are also really good for you (or at least my mom says).

The Inquistor’s Tale

I just finished a book called the Inquistor’s Tale. It is about three kids that live in the medieval times. One is a peasant girl that has vision of the future, one is a Jewish boy that can heal any wounds, and one is a young monk with supernatural strength. This book is really cool because of the way it’s written. The story starts in an inn, from the point of view of a inquistor, who is trying to gather the story of the amazing children he heard about. He is told about their journey from village, to forest, to inn, to castle by a nun, a king’s companion, a butcher, the innkeeper himself and more. It has a lot of twist and turns. Like a dragon. That ate cheese. And set people on fire with farts. If you want to know more you should probably read the book. Byeeeeeeeee!


Hey sisters, today I’m going tell you about one of my favorite hobbies, drawing! I absolutely love art, it really enhances the senses. But really, whenever I’m bored I’ll draw or paint. I usually paint animals but sometimes I’ll draw actual people. If you want to learn more go to this site.

This is one of my drawings. ^

Absolute Gibberish

So right now we’re supposed to be writing something but, I have no idea what to write about. I mean, today I’m going to tennis like I do every single week. Lalalalala. I’m totally sannnne. I feel like the people in my generation or going to name their kids weird things like Hoverboard Sr. or Dude Mann or Jojo Siwa’s Hairline. You never know. Actually, one of my friends would’ve been named Shotgun if she was a boy. I don’t understand naming your child after a month they’re not born in. That’s like name a tiger Lion, so when ever you say “Oh yeah, his name is Lion,” the person can reply, “No! You’re lion!” Get it? Okay I’m gonna stop typing now, byeeeeeee.