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Kendrick Lamar released his newest album, DAMN., just under a week ago. I have been listening to some of the songs off of it and it has the making of a fantastic album.

DAMN. is complimented by the aggressive lead single, HUMBLE., which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video is amazing and has already garnered close to 90 million views, even though the video was released under three weeks ago. Rihanna and U2 are featured on the tracks LOYALTY. and XXX., respectively. Just yesterday Lamar released the video for DNA., which has received very good reviews from respected critics in the music business. Don Cheadle guest stars in the video as a police detective who is interrogating Kendrick Lamar.

I really enjoyed listening to DAMN. because each of the songs has its own unique sound. His previous studio album, To Pimp A Butterfly, won numerous Grammys and was the unofficial soundtrack for the Black Lives Matter movement that has spread across the country in recent years. Lamar is very respected in the music industry because he does not shy away from talking about some of the biggest political topics. I think Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers of all time.

His latest work has earned rave reviews and will continue to dominate radio over the summer. I think his fourth studio album is a work of art , and I hope everybody gets the chance to listen to it.

P.S. The album does have explicit content.


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  1. I think this was a fantastic article. I agree: Kendrick Lamar is the best modern day rapper. Great job, Flynn!

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