The 2017 NFL Draft

The latest NFL Draft was full of surprises and shocking selections.  I am going to break down the 2017 NFL Draft, which was one of the most exciting drafts in recent memory.

The first shocking move occurred early when the Chicago Bears traded three picks to move up one spot to the No. 2 selection, which they used on North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky.  The move was surprising considering that the Bears gave QB Mike Glennon $19 million in guaranteed money during the offseason.  Another unexpected move happened when the Kansas City Chiefs traded up 17 spots to snag Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes.  Current Chiefs QB Alex Smith is potentially entering the final year of his contract, so the Chiefs are planning for life after Smith with the selection of Mahomes.  These are just two examples of how crazy the draft was.

The two biggest winners in my opinion are the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers.  The Browns did the right thing by taking Myles Garrett at No. 1 and then later selecting Jabrill Peppers, Davis Njoku, and Deshone Kizer.  The 49ers accumulated three more draft picks by only trading down one spot.  The team then selected Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster, two playmakers who should immediately upgrade the defense.  It was really exciting watching terrible teams from last season bring some talented, fresh faces to their rosters.

Overall, it was a really entertaining draft. I thought every pick was interesting and it was probably the best NFL Draft I have ever watched.  I hope everybody was able to tune in and watch.


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  1. christianf6 | May 5, 2017 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    The 49ers have a stacked linebacker core with Navrro Bowman, Malcom Smith, and Reuben Foster.

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