Paris France

This relates to me because my family is going to Paris, France this summer. We are going to watch the women’s World Cup there. We are also traveling around France and going to London. We all love to travel and I’m super excited to go there. We’re going to meet up with my great aunt […]

ISR Assignment

The last book I read was called The Secrets Of Peaches, by Jodi Lynn Anderson. It is a sequel to Peaches. The Secrets Of Peaches is about three friends that met each other at a camp on a peach farm, where most of the book takes place. They all have very different personalities and come […]

CA Cheer

This video is basically my DREAM. I love flying in stunts and tumbling (competitive cheer) and the Cheer Athletics teams are one of the best cheer teams. Cheer is such an amazing and fun sport, involving LOTS of trust. If you want to learn more visit this site

My Weekend

My weekend was very busy, but also a lot of fun. On Friday I went to a party at the roller skating rink with a bunch of friends. Then on Saturday I went zip lining for another party, and ate dinner. Then the next day I had a soccer game in Houston at 2:00, but […]